Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Friday!

I'm going to do a combo of Friday night leftovers and a 'real' post. This week, my brother has been visiting with his identical twin daughters. It's been great. This week is a BIG week for me at work, so at first, I couldn't figure out how I was going to be able to swing going up to meet them at the cabin. But then my mom asked around, and found a friend who has a cabin with high speed Internet. I drove up on Monday morning, and was able to leave the kids with my family while I worked. Turned out, things with my project went really smoothly, so I could have taken more time off - but I loved that I was able to walk away and really let my brother have quality time with my kids. He lives so far away that he never gets to see them.

I would work for the day in my version of paradise (a soft breeze, looking out on the woods), log off in the afternoon, and get to go to the lake with the kids, joke around, play... just a wonderful time. They had planned to stay at the cabin until Thursday, and then come down and see Boston - but I was able to convince them to leave with me on Weds. I'm charming that way. The girls, who are 13, are having a blast at our house - we have a big TV and an x-box with Connect - so they've been playing that constantly.

Cameron is so in love with his cousins. He runs around asking - where is my cousin? Where is my OTHER cousin?! They leave Saturday morning, and I think it's going to be rough.

Now for the leftovers:

  • Man, do I wish my brother lived closer. I just love spending time with him. And my nieces are wonderful. Hate it that thousands of miles are between us.

  • My 'mini-vacation' this week made me realize how excited I am for my real vacation to India! I leave in a week!

  • I'm not going to bring a computer or make it so my phone works in India. I'm going to try for a little tech-free time. Scary, huh?

  • Aaron is going to start building Cam's fire truck bed soon...which is super exciting!

  • This week, Maggie learned a new word - STOP. And her first sentence 'I no want that'. Does it surprise me that was her first sentence? Nope.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

I LOVE Maggie's first sentence. That one wouldn't have surprised me here either.

I'm glad you had a good trip and a good visit with family! :)