Saturday, November 29, 2008

Not stressed

Well. My BP was still high when I first got on all the monitors, but once I laid on my left hand side, it totally settled down. The baby looked 'gorgeous' said my doc, and no protein in my urine. So I was free to leave! Hurrah. No more checkups until my scheduled doc visit on Wednesday morning.

My doc also said that once I had the baby, all would be well - and I joked with him that the other doc (this is a new guy that just joined the practice) said I could go two weeks over my due date. my doc laughed and said - he is new - he doesn't get the make the calls. So - guess I'm going to have a baby no matter what by Dec 12th. As I was leaving he said - ok - go into labor now! And laughed.

We also installed the car seats today! It's a little crazy to have a car seat in the back of my car - crazy good.

Friday, November 28, 2008

No news.

Well. Still pregnant! I really don't think I'm going early. Aaron is betting Dec 7th - and he tends to be a freaking oracle when it comes to guessing stuff like this.

I've been feeling fine. Of course, when my blood pressure was so high on Weds, I really felt fine then too. My mom arrived on Weds night with her 8 month old boxer puppy, and I'm going to lay it out that 3 boxers is WAY too much dog in one house. It's finally calming down a little today. But Thanksgiving was great, and today I 'worked' from home - and almost finished the baby bumper for the crib. It looks great. And Aaron went and picked up the changing station (since the crib probably isn't arriving until after the baby comes). We figured we should at least have a changing table upstairs, and since that was waiting in the store - he got it for me today. It looks awesome, and fits perfectly in the room! Hurrah! Seeing how good it looks makes waiting for the crib not quite as horrible.

Tomorrow we are off to my non-stress test. Why do they call it that? I bet I'll be all stressed out worrying that I'll BE stressed out. After the test, mom wants to take me to lunch, and then do a little shopping. I'm hoping that is the outcome - instead of needed to be induced. I'll report back tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yep, I have a back up camera.

Well, this morning was awesome. I woke up at 5:30, and couldn't get back to sleep. I was both hungry, and had a bunch of stuff running through my head that I wanted to get done today. I had some boxes I wanted to bring to the garage, a slow cooker meal to get started, laundry to start, sewing gear out of the dining room (we may need that for dinner tomorrow, lol) and general clean up. I also wanted to get gas and hit the grocery store. I pretty much got that underway, and left at 7 for the doctors (and get gas and the grocery store).

At the gas station, I managed to back up into a van (yep - I didn't even look back OR use my back up camera! WTF! I'm a better driver than that!). No damage to the van, but I dented my bumper. I was pretty upset, but not hurt or anything. When they took my blood pressure at the doc's office, I was at 160/100. Whoops! Which apparently gets you a trip to L&D to be monitored. By the time I left, my BP was down to 111/55 - but they want me to stay on 'modified bed rest' until I go back for a recheck on Saturday. Which kind of works out nicely - no cooking or cleaning allowed! Of course - that is what I did with my morning... but I called my Mom (who is arriving tonight), and she is all upset too. I feel like I'm going to be treated like a princess for the next 48 hours.

I may or may not take advantage.

In exciting baby news, my neighborhood pregnant buddy had her baby last night - a little girl - 6 lbs, 12oz. Her due date was this upcoming Friday - so I know she is happy to have her here! Hurrah for new babies.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So - the only baby news I have is that the god damned crib now is slated to arrive on Dec 12th. *Insert Angry Cece here*. Although I'm past angry now - just annoyed.

But Serenity tagged me for a fun meme - and I know if I don't post, people will think I'm in labor.... so here we go!

My responses:
Where is your cell phone? Chair
Where is your significant other? Work
Your hair color? Blond
Your mother? Close
Your father? Unkind
Your favorite thing? Yarn
Your dream last night? None
Your goal? Labor!
The room you’re in? Living
Your hobby? Knitting
Your fear? Loss
Where do you want to be in six years? Here
Where were you last night? Aunt's
What you’re not? Stressed
One of your wish-list items? Vacation
Where you grew up? CT
The last thing you did? Lunch
Your mood? Happy
Missing someone? No
Your car? Murano
Something you’re not wearing? Rings
Favorite store? Webs
Your summer? Good
Love someone? Aaron!
Your favorite color? Purple
When is the last time you laughed? today!
Last time you cried? forget

The rules to this meme appear to be simple: tag a blogger that you love via the above button. Said blogger then must answer these questions with ONE word each only. I can’t explain why 31 questions and not just 30, nor the number tagged, which is seven.
I am tagging:


Monday, November 24, 2008

Nursery Progress!

Well. I feel like we are now, officially, ready. We went and got everything we *think* we need (which I'm sure we forgot something). Aaron even assembled everything! The only item left on my list is to clean and install the car seats (they are borrowed from a neighbor, just a little dusty).

My time was spent taking everything out of the packaging and washing what needs to be washed, and organizing everything else. Which is totally unlike me. Aaron painted the wall that needed to be painted, and we put up the tree decal. I don't want to put anything else up until the furniture comes - which Aaron is going to fight that battle today. We are hoping for a delivery on Friday. But now it's become a joke... Aaron was saying we should maybe order the crib for our hopeful second kid now. Sigh.

I went upstairs to take a picture of all the progress - but it pretty much looks like nothing was done! But the rug is down, and it looks perfect. And the decal took a good hour to get up on the wall. Once the crib and dressing table arrive, we probably have about 2 hours of work, and the nursery is ready to go. Only other big 'move' is to take a chair out of our bedroom so we can put the bassinet by our bed.

In actually baby news? I'm not feeling much different. I have some cramping in my lower abdomen... but it feels like stretching? And considering the SIZE of my belly - that makes sense. But sometimes the cramping takes my breath away, and I practice relaxation breathing. I don't think they are contractions though, since they are only lower down? But how the heck do I know?! My doc said I will DEFINITELY know when I'm having contractions. At this point I'm kind of hoping to make it through the week and enjoy Thanksgiving... I'll start willing my LO to come out on Friday!

Friday, November 21, 2008

38 weeks

Thought I would throw up my last bathroom self-portrait, as today is my last day of working in the office! Here I am at 38 weeks:

Wow. I certainly can't be accused of being small, lol.

My boss is super understanding, and when I suggested a while back that I start working from home 2 weeks before my due date - he was totally fine with that. It isn't like my desk job is demanding on my body - but the 25 minute drive to the office, the 1/4 mile walk from the parking lot, the hike from my desk to the bathroom... by the end of the day, it all adds up to making me REALLY tired. Plus - the lovely ankle swelling, since I can't put my feet up at my desk.

It's really going to be weird for me to not come into the office for over 3 months! The longest I've gone without working since I graduated from college is a 2 week vacation. I know that maternity leave isn't 'vacation' but it certainly isn't going into a corporate office every day! It's going to be quite a change for me.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Aaron and I are planning on going to the store and getting our final few items for the baby. Aaron is going to paint that wall in the baby room, and I'm going to put up the decals on the wall, along with putting away the gifts/clothes that are in the main part of the nursery. So - even though the furniture still isn't here - I'll feel like some progress has been made. And we are also going to get some pictures taken of Aaron and I by a photographer friend! We haven't had any good pictures taken of us since the wedding... and I wanted a nice picture of me all pregnant. Hopefully they come out well.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seeing Aaron as a Dad

Things are really starting to become real for me that Aaron and I are going to be parents soon. The milk thing. The fact that I'm signing consent forms for the hospital. Filling out the paperwork for the baby's birth certificate. The fact that this weekend, we are able to use our 'complete your registry' coupon at BRU (which you get when you are 2 weeks away from your due date - surreal! And it always seemed so far away!).

The other big change - is Aaron has finally started to act REALLY excited about the baby. I think it a combination of the fact that my due date is really soon, that you can visibly see the baby kicking from the outside, and then fact that things are calming down with my FIL (he is still obviously recovering, but we are settling into a routine now, things are now to some type of 'normal'). The other day, Aaron told me that he had a surprise for me. And brought me down to his workshop and showed me the most beautiful box. He is making a keepsake box for the baby's first year - so we can put things in it to remember that first year. And he was so sweet - he told me that this box was pretty much the last thing that he and his father talked about before he had his stroke... and that this baby is a miracle of modern science - and he wanted to make a really memorable way to store the items from it's first year.

We were both crying.

I've always known that Aaron is going to make a great father. But as we get closer and closer to d-day, he is showing me more and more just how excited he is, his eyes light up when he sees the baby kicking... and all the work he is doing around the house to help get ready for the baby - it all just makes my heart swell.

This is going to be one much loved baby, is all I have to say!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Due Date Milk

I went to the grocery store yesterday, grabbed a gallon of milk, and check out the sell by date:

What are the odds (Dec 5th is my due date!)? It's also a bit of a realization that my due date is getting REALLY close!

Went to the OB today - I'm Group B strep negative - which is good news. No IV needed for me. My weight took a bit of a jump... 7 pounds in 2.5 weeks.... but I'm really starting to swell - so I'm trying to take that bit of information in stride. My BP was good, the baby's heartbeat was great. All good news.

We talked a bit about the delivery. He mentioned that he hasn't done an episiotomy since he joined this practice - they prefer you to tear (which for me is good news). They also let you go 42 weeks before they get pushy about induction (unless of course, you start to show signs that the baby needs to come out). All in all, he just made me even more comfortable with my choice of that OB practice for my natural childbirth.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still here!

I just realized I hadn't posted in almost a week! I've been having fun, not having a baby, lol. I took Friday off of work - and drove up to Portsmouth, NH and had a really great weekend with a bunch of girlfriends. This is a group of people that I met when taking a beginning quilting class at a local quilting store. I had walked by the store numerous times, and was just sucked in by the beautiful fabrics and projects they had. On a whim, I signed up for the class.

There were 6 of us, plus the teacher. We all hit it off the second we met each other. The class was supposed to go for 4 weeks, we pushed it to 6. We then decided to continue meeting as a 'private' lesson ever two weeks - and have been doing that ever since (this is over 4 years ago!). I doubt I would have even gotten this into quilting if it wasn't for the women I've made friends with! Anyway - this quilting weekend is put on by our 'teacher' (I put in quotes because she is more of a friend than a teacher. Maybe a quilting mentor?). We go to this great little town, stay in a neat bed and breakfast, and just have a blast all weekend. I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to make it because I would be in labor or something - but it was awesome. I actually only worked on one quilt all weekend - but it's a whopper - a king sized quilt for our bed. It's almost done, I'm hoping to finish it this weekend. That would be a HUGE project to have done before the baby comes.

In baby news - I'm starting to swell. When I sit for long periods of time (like when I was quilting all weekend) my ankles got HUGE! I also did a lot of sitting on my exercise ball, and when I stood up a couple times, it felt like my hips were 'clicking' back into place. Gross. I didn't work out all last week - I was thinking that I deserved to just SIT for a bit, but I ended up going to the gym last night and using the elliptical for 30 minutes - and I have to admit working out still makes me feel better! So no more wimping out on that!

Tomorrow is my first internal check to see on my progress... my bet is that there isn't anything going on in there. But I'll report back tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When I'm 'allowed' to go into labor and a vent on my nursery

So. I've had two phone calls in the last two days. One from my mother, telling me a can't go into labor until she receives her new dog bed (shipping time 7 - 10 days, so not until the 24th, I assume, since that is 10 business days?). And my doula called last night - she needs to get minor surgery next Weds, and would appreciate it if I didn't go into labor on Weds. Then she went on to tell me that weekends were really the best.

Personally, I definitely do NOT want to go into labor until at least after this weekend - because I have a getaway planned to a B&B with my girlfriends.

Seriously! I know these are people that love me and everything, but it's not like I can control ANY of it. I even crack myself up - willing myself to stay pregnant until at least Monday, lol. I'm not feeling like I'm going into labor any time in the near future anyway. Of course, I ask around, and none of my friends really felt anything that gave them a 'sign' before they went into labor either. I'm feeling like I'm going to go sometime the first week in Dec - but that is probably more wishful thinking.

Moving onto a totally different topic....

I don't know if I've whined about this on my blog, but I have everywhere else, so why save you gals from it? Aaron has finished the wall in the baby room - so, if I actually HAD furniture, I could have a beautifully set up baby room right now. But NO. The set that I was somewhat annoyed would take up to 12 weeks to arrive, is now onto it's 14th week. We have no baby furniture. Of course, the baby will be sleeping in the Amby Baby bed to begin with, and everyone is telling me that the nursery doesn't have to be done for the baby's arrival...


I have these cute decals I bought that go with my jungle theme, and then I even got a custom made 6 foot x 4 foot tree for the little City Birds I bought to sit in - here are pictures... first, the fun tree:

And here are the cool City Birds:

I also already mentioned the other 'jungle' decals I got for over the crib.** I went with cool yet inexpensive decals - because I really didn't want to spend a bunch of money on 'nursery' decorations, when you know that in 10 years, the walls will be covered with posters or whatever, and the cute 'baby' artwork is in the attic.

I just don't want to put up the decals until I have the furniture - since the placement of the decals is really a one time thing, and I'm not 100% sure of the fit of everything in that room.

Whine whine whine. I'll get over it.

** I must also admit that I'm having a bit of a crisis over having that deciduous tree alongside the vines from the jungle.... since it wouldn't happen in nature, right? But my friend Tarsha tells me that in a baby room, we can just pretend each wall is a different climate. I need to let it go - I'm such a freak!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Approaching 'ready'

This weekend, I sorted through all of the baby stuff. I have gotten a bunch of hand-me-downs lately (one advantage of taking forever to get pregnant!). I now pretty much feel totally ready for this baby to arrive. I have the car seat (not installed, but whatever), the Amby Baby bed. Plenty of clothes. I washed all the sheets and blankets and clothes. The nursery isn't ready yet - but the crib still hasn't arrived. (that is a whole other story - it was supposed to take 12 weeks tops - now we are looking at 14 - but they are assuring me free delivery). Once it does, Aaron and I will really only need a few hours to set everything up - the room is all put together... I just need to decide on placement of everything, and that is no big deal.

I've gone from the stage of freaking out that I'm going to have a real baby all of my own - to a kind of excitement to meet the little one. This upcoming weekend I'm going away with some girlfriends, and it feels like a last hurrah - kind of like the last hurrah I had before my transfer? Like, I know things are going to change, but it's a good change. One I'm excited for, have planned for, and now am finally READY for. But - I'd prefer to wait at least another 20 days or so. Mommy would like for the crib to be here and stuff. Maybe I should pack my hospital bag.....

Friday, November 7, 2008

Surprise Work Shower and Tick bite

Yesterday - my co-workers TOTALLY surprised me with a baby shower! They were so generous - I got loads of things that were on my registry! Now I barely have anything left to get. Just the stroller and a diaper pail (well, and diapers and wipes and baby soap - but those don't seem like a big deal). It was a little bit overwhelming to have all these people staring at me and watching me open presents, but baby stuff is so cute that I had a lot of fun opening everything.

Last night Aaron and I went to bed somewhat early (I've been REALLY tired when I get home after work this past week). I was snuggling up with my snoogle when I felt something stick me. I lifted up my leg - and it looked to me like I had a splinter. I called Aaron over and he pulled it out - and told me it was a tick! Yuck! In all my dog owning years, and dog walking in the woods - I've NEVER had a tick bite. And it hurts! Damn it.

Aaron is freaking out that I have Lyme's - so I called my doc this morning - we'll see what they say. I'm not too worried now, because the nurse did mention that in order to transfer Lyme's the tick needs to be attached to your body for 24 hours - and I really think that I actually felt it bite and we got it off right away. But we will see. I guess the bite will stay red and hurt for another few days, and then if the redness come back and spreads, that is when I need to worry.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

U/S and checkup

Well - all is still well on the baby front. We had the positioning ultrasound today - and they confirmed what I was already pretty sure about - baby is head down. But they also got some other information... like the baby is medium - medium/large (about 6 lbs 6 oz now), and my placenta was low lying at the 18w u/s, and that is totally fine now. The fluid levels are also good.

Funny thing is - I didn't even think to ask for a print out of the u/s! Crazy, huh?

They also did the group B step swab today... guess I find out the results of that next week. Since I'm now onto weekly appointments!

For me, I was SO tired yesterday I could barely function. I'm working from home today, and am very happy that I only have one conference call to deal with. 30 days to go!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweet Pea and birthing

Lookie what my LO's godmother dropped off last night!

This is the first of a few hand knitted items that I know are coming my way. Suzanne told me this is the 4th PeaPod sweater she has knit for different babies - and I can see why! It's super sweet, and unisex. It's also the 12 month size - so Hulk can wear this next fall! Hurrah!

Aaron and I spent the bulk of the weekend hanging out with the other godparent - Darrin. He just got his trailer full of stuff for his new house, and needed Aaron's help bringing some of the heavier stuff inside. Darrin bought this very sweet little farmhouse which is over two hundred years old. It really have a lot of nice character... but Darrin is 6'8" and a lot of his furniture is BIG, and the rooms in the house are SMALL. So there were a few challenges in during the move, to put it nicely.

The funniest part of the whole day, was when they were trying to get a queen sized mattress up the very narrow stairwell. I was in the other room and I heard lots of PUSH! and CAREFUL! Darrin yells over - 'Cece come here!' So I waddle over to see if they need my help.
Nope. Funny man Darrin says that I should take notes, since birthing will look a lot like this.

Ha. Ha. Ha.