Monday, November 24, 2008

Nursery Progress!

Well. I feel like we are now, officially, ready. We went and got everything we *think* we need (which I'm sure we forgot something). Aaron even assembled everything! The only item left on my list is to clean and install the car seats (they are borrowed from a neighbor, just a little dusty).

My time was spent taking everything out of the packaging and washing what needs to be washed, and organizing everything else. Which is totally unlike me. Aaron painted the wall that needed to be painted, and we put up the tree decal. I don't want to put anything else up until the furniture comes - which Aaron is going to fight that battle today. We are hoping for a delivery on Friday. But now it's become a joke... Aaron was saying we should maybe order the crib for our hopeful second kid now. Sigh.

I went upstairs to take a picture of all the progress - but it pretty much looks like nothing was done! But the rug is down, and it looks perfect. And the decal took a good hour to get up on the wall. Once the crib and dressing table arrive, we probably have about 2 hours of work, and the nursery is ready to go. Only other big 'move' is to take a chair out of our bedroom so we can put the bassinet by our bed.

In actually baby news? I'm not feeling much different. I have some cramping in my lower abdomen... but it feels like stretching? And considering the SIZE of my belly - that makes sense. But sometimes the cramping takes my breath away, and I practice relaxation breathing. I don't think they are contractions though, since they are only lower down? But how the heck do I know?! My doc said I will DEFINITELY know when I'm having contractions. At this point I'm kind of hoping to make it through the week and enjoy Thanksgiving... I'll start willing my LO to come out on Friday!


serenity said...

I'm being selfish here and would love to share my birthday with a little Cece...

So Wednesday. You hear that, little one? :)

It's so close now!!! Yay!

Jen said...

I've had some contractions and even if they don't hurt, you can feel them with your hand because your whole stomach will go rock hard. If you can still poke, not a contraction. (Disclaimer: I've never done this before and I do not have a medical degree.)

amysue said...

Well, all I can say is I hope you get your Thanksgiving, but also that many friends have mistaken their first contractions for other things because they were anticipating more than they felt.

In any event, you'll know when something's up and just make sure someone remembers to tell us!