Friday, November 28, 2008

No news.

Well. Still pregnant! I really don't think I'm going early. Aaron is betting Dec 7th - and he tends to be a freaking oracle when it comes to guessing stuff like this.

I've been feeling fine. Of course, when my blood pressure was so high on Weds, I really felt fine then too. My mom arrived on Weds night with her 8 month old boxer puppy, and I'm going to lay it out that 3 boxers is WAY too much dog in one house. It's finally calming down a little today. But Thanksgiving was great, and today I 'worked' from home - and almost finished the baby bumper for the crib. It looks great. And Aaron went and picked up the changing station (since the crib probably isn't arriving until after the baby comes). We figured we should at least have a changing table upstairs, and since that was waiting in the store - he got it for me today. It looks awesome, and fits perfectly in the room! Hurrah! Seeing how good it looks makes waiting for the crib not quite as horrible.

Tomorrow we are off to my non-stress test. Why do they call it that? I bet I'll be all stressed out worrying that I'll BE stressed out. After the test, mom wants to take me to lunch, and then do a little shopping. I'm hoping that is the outcome - instead of needed to be induced. I'll report back tomorrow.


Jen said...

Good luck tomorrow and enjoy lunch and shopping!

Becky said...

I didn't have internet acces for over a week and i couldn't wait to check up on you and see if you had your baby yet, i see you haven't!!!

bleu said...

Glad you had a good Turkey Day.

Sending smooth easy gentle labor vibes your way.

edie & ella said...

Good luck on your NST tomorrow.....I had those twice/week for the last month of my's called a non stress test because it's checking to make sure the baby is not showing any stress....sam