Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When I'm 'allowed' to go into labor and a vent on my nursery

So. I've had two phone calls in the last two days. One from my mother, telling me a can't go into labor until she receives her new dog bed (shipping time 7 - 10 days, so not until the 24th, I assume, since that is 10 business days?). And my doula called last night - she needs to get minor surgery next Weds, and would appreciate it if I didn't go into labor on Weds. Then she went on to tell me that weekends were really the best.

Personally, I definitely do NOT want to go into labor until at least after this weekend - because I have a getaway planned to a B&B with my girlfriends.

Seriously! I know these are people that love me and everything, but it's not like I can control ANY of it. I even crack myself up - willing myself to stay pregnant until at least Monday, lol. I'm not feeling like I'm going into labor any time in the near future anyway. Of course, I ask around, and none of my friends really felt anything that gave them a 'sign' before they went into labor either. I'm feeling like I'm going to go sometime the first week in Dec - but that is probably more wishful thinking.

Moving onto a totally different topic....

I don't know if I've whined about this on my blog, but I have everywhere else, so why save you gals from it? Aaron has finished the wall in the baby room - so, if I actually HAD furniture, I could have a beautifully set up baby room right now. But NO. The set that I was somewhat annoyed would take up to 12 weeks to arrive, is now onto it's 14th week. We have no baby furniture. Of course, the baby will be sleeping in the Amby Baby bed to begin with, and everyone is telling me that the nursery doesn't have to be done for the baby's arrival...


I have these cute decals I bought that go with my jungle theme, and then I even got a custom made 6 foot x 4 foot tree for the little City Birds I bought to sit in - here are pictures... first, the fun tree:

And here are the cool City Birds:

I also already mentioned the other 'jungle' decals I got for over the crib.** I went with cool yet inexpensive decals - because I really didn't want to spend a bunch of money on 'nursery' decorations, when you know that in 10 years, the walls will be covered with posters or whatever, and the cute 'baby' artwork is in the attic.

I just don't want to put up the decals until I have the furniture - since the placement of the decals is really a one time thing, and I'm not 100% sure of the fit of everything in that room.

Whine whine whine. I'll get over it.

** I must also admit that I'm having a bit of a crisis over having that deciduous tree alongside the vines from the jungle.... since it wouldn't happen in nature, right? But my friend Tarsha tells me that in a baby room, we can just pretend each wall is a different climate. I need to let it go - I'm such a freak!


Jen said...

My mom emailed me to tell me that she'd like me to deliver on my due date, since it is her friend's birthday, but then when I said I'd do my best, she absolutely freaked out and assumed I had secret knowledge of a scheduled c-section.

sukeyknits said...

I'd appreciate it if you'd wait until at least 12/3 if not later. No early babies. Granted, I don't want you to be too late either (ouch). I think the due date you have would work out great for everyone. You should just stick with that.

Jen said...

A dog bed is seen as an obstacle to your labor??? I have to smile!

Let's hope you don't go overdue. Because the have you gone into labor comments are tons of fun too!

Samantha said...

Go for weekends - such great advice! You should ask your doula what she recommends to control when you go into labor!

amysue said...

Yeah, people love to plan your babies for you. I'll never forget John's boss telling him about a big project, John checking with the agency and being told no travel to Cambodia for at least 4 weeks and then. literally minutes after he told his boss that he was available for the project the agency called back and said to get the first available flight to Phnom Penh-good times!

If it helps, we only just redid Em's room (including removing the baby borders etc and repainting) 2 summers ago when she was 11 and at 10 Noah still has all his Noah's Ark stuff up so you have time.

I have to ask again though..what are these crib things of which you speak? (Heh)

emily said...
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emily said...

Before Natalie was born I kept telling her to wait for her father to get home (from Iraq). She did, but barely... he got back 12/13 and she was born 12/16. Of course, I had this funny heartburn feeling on the bottom of my belly that came and went which I was kind of obsessively timing and paying attention to, while everyone I know who had had a baby said it was probably braxton hicks. And I agreed because I had 3 weeks to go.
I feel your pain on the nursery issue... we have been waiting for our car to be delivered to us here, but I'm convinced it's being held prisoner and being tortured. I'm sure your furniture will arrive just in time. :)

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I love the people who tell you when to go into labor. Jokingly, my boss told me it would be convenient if I went into labor late on the 12th, 2 days before my due date (and the day we had a brief due). Strangely, I did go into labor that day, heading into the hospital at 7 that night, but I had gone out of work three days earlier due to Harry's irregular heartbeat.

I'm sorry about the crib -- that totally sucks and is really frustrating when you're super pregnant and really want to get everything set and ready, even if it doesn't *really* need to be set up now.