Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweet Pea and birthing

Lookie what my LO's godmother dropped off last night!

This is the first of a few hand knitted items that I know are coming my way. Suzanne told me this is the 4th PeaPod sweater she has knit for different babies - and I can see why! It's super sweet, and unisex. It's also the 12 month size - so Hulk can wear this next fall! Hurrah!

Aaron and I spent the bulk of the weekend hanging out with the other godparent - Darrin. He just got his trailer full of stuff for his new house, and needed Aaron's help bringing some of the heavier stuff inside. Darrin bought this very sweet little farmhouse which is over two hundred years old. It really have a lot of nice character... but Darrin is 6'8" and a lot of his furniture is BIG, and the rooms in the house are SMALL. So there were a few challenges in during the move, to put it nicely.

The funniest part of the whole day, was when they were trying to get a queen sized mattress up the very narrow stairwell. I was in the other room and I heard lots of PUSH! and CAREFUL! Darrin yells over - 'Cece come here!' So I waddle over to see if they need my help.
Nope. Funny man Darrin says that I should take notes, since birthing will look a lot like this.

Ha. Ha. Ha.


emily said...

Oh my gosh, 4 weeks to go! Every time I look at your ticker on your page I get so excited! The Pea Pod sweater is adorable, especially the little fishy buttons.
How are you feeling? Hope you are not too uncomfortable.
Oh, good news for us... we should be back home next summer! Hooray! I've had about enough of the Middle East for now. :)

Jen said...

Beautiful sweater!!!

Is it really getting that close? I could swear that you were just announcing your BFP yesterday.

Beautiful Mess said...

That is a beautiful sweater! HAHA, the comment about being just like birth, it TOO funny!
Enjoy your day,

nancy said...


The sweater is just precious.

Becky said...

so cute, i totally want to learn how to knit, but probably don't need sweaters in florida.

Jen said...

That is an adorable sweater!

Malloryn said...

That sweater is sooo cute! :)

Geohde said...

Holy crap, you're nearly term. When did THAT happen?


Chelle said...

You have four weeks to go! Where did the time go?! I love the sweater. Handmade gifts are so full of thought and love. I love getting a mental picture the person making them just for your baby.