Thursday, October 30, 2008


So - I've had a big uptick in my productivity.... I wouldn't say so much on 'energy' level - but I've been crossing some of the annoying things that have been on my 'to-do' list for a long time. Like birthday presents for nieces, dealing with finding receipts for my annoying health care spending account (it was for $24 transaction! I spent TWO HOURS straighting that out), depositing checks, and loads of other little things that have been on my 'to do' list for about a month. I even washed the dog beds yesterday - which is not a minor chore (and the whole time they are in the wash - the dogs stare at me - 'What did you do with our beds? Are we supposed to lay down on the FLOOR!?').

I've also been working on getting my Christmas crafting done. I usually knit/sew a bunch of my presents, but tend to wait to start that until Mid November, and then realize that there is no way in hell I'm going to get everything done in time. This year, I went up to my craft room, and pulled down the half-finished stuff from years past, and am finishing it up for presents for this year. I finished up a quilt for my mother, another smaller quilt for my father, and cut up fabric for some aprons that I had brought to give away last Christmas! I feel like I'm actually ahead of the game on that stuff - but we'll see how long the motivation lasts.

The baby presents are still arriving - look at the super nice diaper bag I got yesterday!

It's the Frankly Scarlet Baby Bag from Vera Bradley - and I love it. I never registered for a diaper bag - because I really didn't want a Winny the Poo bag or something else horrible like that (horrible for me - I understand many people will think that is fun). This is a great size, and I think really nice looking - so I was really excited to get it!


Jen said...

My dogs stare at me in concern the whole time I was their bowls. Like "what are you doing with my bowl? That's mine. I only have so many possessions." They watch me when I take away their beds to wash them, but then they forget until I give them back. Apparently, the bowls are more important to them.

Becky said...

Nice diaper bag, i too am not a fan of the winnie the poo either! That's very stylish!

Kenya said...

I know the feeling CeCe. The lack of energy is a serious pregnancy trait, lol.

Sugar and Ice said...

I'm with you on the diaper bag thing. Don't get me wrong...I love Pooh; he's super cute, but I don't want to wear him. I much prefer diaper bags that don't really look like diaper bags.