Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rock Band and Baby Things

I think I've mentioned before, but in this household, we LOVE Rock Band. I hate video games.... LOVE Rock Band. We just got Rock Band 2, and it's been really great this week to have a distraction that is somewhat more interesting than sitting and watching TV. Last night we started the evening at our local Mexican restaurant - and let say that more than a few margaritas were consumed. More than a few toasts were raised to the fact that my MIL flew home yesterday, lol. Then we got home and there were shots of tequila. Aaron and his brother really needed to blow off some steam (and man, let me tell you how much fun that was being the one who couldn't drink).

Anyway - we are playing this song that Aaron has been trying to get 100% since we got this freaking game, and totally wasted out of his mind, he managed it:

He was happy, to say the least.

Since this is mostly a baby blog.... let me show you the quilt I've made for the room:

It's a really simple panel quilt - but I just love the little jungle animals - it is from the same fabric collection that my curtains came from. I have been looking for a while for the right fabric for the backing, but it was difficult to find something that matches, as I first bought the panel about 3 years ago.

On Monday, to try and regain some sanity, a friend and I decided to keep our plans for a trip to a quilt store. Look at what I found!

Perfect matching fabric from the same collection for the back! I'm also probably going to make bumpers for the crib out of this (I got 5 yards).

Today, Aaron and his brother are off to my FIL's house to get phone numbers of people that we don't have (like his housekeeper and stuff like that), clean out the frig, take out the garbage... blahblahblah. But after that, we are going to go see his younger brother's new daughter! She was born yesterday. I can't wait! Pictures of the little cutie tomorrow.


bleu said...

I am so glad you had a night of smiles, it was so needed. I am also glad MIL flew home.

Adorable material and quilt too!!!

Jen said...

Beautiful quilt! Very cute.

Sassy said...

Congratulations on your Rock Band achievements and on being MIL free. Love the quilt too. Those animals are too cute.