Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The state of the Baby Room

Aaron has 2 'personal' days that are owed to him before he leaves his current job. I have a bunch of personal/vacation days saved up - so we are taking Friday off together! And what fun activity do we have planned for Friday? Shopping for baby furniture! Hurrah!

About 2 years ago, we renovated 2 bedrooms upstairs. One was the guest room, and the other was the future baby room. The big ticket items were putting in hardwood floors and painting. We didn't really do anything to make it a 'baby' room per se - I even painted it off white - as my expectation is that any baby I have can pick the paint color when they are old enough to care about such things.

But then I saw this fabric at a quilt store, and fell in love:
It's cute and bright (criteria for me for a baby room) and unisex (also a big consideration). I brought yards and yards and my mother and I eventually made curtains.

We also had a dresser from Aaron's childhood sitting in this room. It was painted yellow. One day - the bug bit me, and I decided to sand it down and paint it bright blue to match the curtains. And then began an obsessive search for cute 'jungle' drawer pulls that would match the curtains (and succeeded in finding them, of course)

OK - you can't really see the drawer pulls - but you can see the random CRAP (a rooster? WTF?) that my MIL thought was funny to leave here one visit. That airplane was over my bed when I was a kid - and the needlepoint alphabet was in Aaron's nursery.

And this is a shot of the whole room (crap and all):

I've got a bunch of clothes in there for Goodwill, all our suitcases and our old dining room table live in the closet! And in the middle of the room is the Amby Baby bed - which will most likely live in our bedroom at least for a while. But obviously a bit of a purge of crap is in order.... but there shouldn't be any huge re-work to get the room ready.

All we need to buy is a crib and a changing table. I'm thinking maybe a rug... but the one we have is off-white and in fine condition. I've already got a white glider from a friend. So - in order to match with the stuff going on - we've finally decided to just go out and buy the white crib/changing table we find that we like. We've had a lot of offers for friends to give us their old stuff - but Aaron thinks I should get to pick out what I want. And I don't want anything super fancy (like certainly NOT a $1000 Pottery Barn one!). And Aaron doesn't want one that is convertible (which tend to be more expensive) - he totally has in his mind that when the baby moves to a toddler bed - he'll get a race car bed or something. And I remind him that it could be a girl... who may not WANT a race car bed, lol.

Anyway - I'm really excited to go looking!


Jen said...

I either want one of those pirate ship beds or those princess carriage ones. For me, not for the baby. The baby can sleep in a drawer. :)

The room is really coming along! It looks great!

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I love the curtains with the dresser and the drawer pulls -- awesome!

As for furniture, I highly recommend the Baby Furniture Warehouse, if it isn't too much of a trek (and I'll recommend the Reading one over the Braintree one -- we checked out both). They were very helpful without being at all pushy and have a lot of options. Have fun on Friday!

La La said...

That looks AWESOME!!! Too cute.

Zephra said...

I was shocked when I went out and purchased a crib for our 4th baby. I always felt the need for a new crib with each baby. Go figure. I ended up getting one that was about $300...and that was a cheap one. I can't imagine spending $1,000 on a bed for just a few years.

Have fun looking. I always loved looking for bedding. So many cute things out there.

Deborah said...

That is really cute fabric, and I love the drawer pulls! You can see them fine in the picture. I have to say, we have a jungle-theme nursery too, and I really like that you can buy any random animal thing (like that rooster) and it fits in fine. Convenient for gifts and stuff.

Chelle said...

How fun! I can't wait to get to that stage, but I am still a month or so away. You're lucky that you hubs will go shopping with you. I am going to take my BFF since my sweetie just doesn't care to shop... ever. I hope you have loads of fun tomorrow!

tobacco brunette said...

I love it, especially the dresser! It is so cute - you did a really nice job on it. I was thinking of painting a dresser we have instead of buying a new one, but my painted stuff never comes out as nicely as yours did. I'm jealous.