Friday, August 1, 2008


I'm so freaking thankful this week is almost over! It's been such a crazy week. With Aaron gone until Weds, and then all the problems at work.... it'll be nice to just relax for a bit. I did go to get a massage last night, and it felt good - but I need some real downtime.

I'm having a new problem. I went out for sushi on Weds night - and all I ate was cooked sushi - so don't start the lectures. But anyway. I'm been having pain in my upper stomach (or maybe it's just my stomach, because it's pushed out of the way?) since. I've taken Tums and Gas-x (although not sure that gas-x is ok, so I only took it once). I don't think it's any more than gas - but I'm really uncomfortable! I called my nurse - to see if it's normal and if she can offer up any advice. I hope this isn't the one pregnancy thing I get - because having your stomach hurt this much sucks!

And, although I keep saying I'm sure it's only gas.... then I start to worry it's more. Good times.

Baby items have been entering the house. Aaron installed a really cool baby gate (we need it for the DOGS but whatever). It's at the bottom of the stairs and when it is open - it's totally out of the way. The dogs are sad, because they want to spend the whole day on either the guest room bed, or chewing yarn in my yarn room. Which upsets me, obviously. My Amby Baby bed arrived, and Aaron put it together - at it looks AWESOME. I'll post pictures when we move it into the nursery - but I think the baby will love it. And finally, I succumbed to this. It's a super cute lion rocking horse. I honestly only bought it for the cuteness factor, but when it got here, I find it has neat features like it makes fun sounds, has crinkly thing in the mane, a squeaky ear.... much more than I expected! Hurrah!

Tomorrow, I'm going with Aaron to start my natural childbirth 'classes'. I say 'classes' because we are just meeting with my doula buddy. I'm going to push her to be sure she will actually BE my doula - but the uncertainty is also a bit stressful... but not such a big deal that I can't handle it!


Sweet Georgia said...

That Lion rocker is soooooo cute. I don't have any advice on the pains, but hope it clears itself up and proves to be nothing at all.
Have fun at the classes!

Jen said...

Wow, you are so far ahead of me on the getting ready.

Could it be reflux? I hear that is fairly common.

Zephra said...

Bet it is gas. Most every pain is gas when you are pregnant.

tobacco brunette said...

I'm sure it's just gas, but it is disturbing to get a stomach ache when pregnant. That happened to me last week and I of course started to think I've got some sort of food poisoning. Hope your nurse was able to ease your worries.

I LOVE the lion rocker. Also really loved the elephant, too.

Good luck with your first class!

Sugar and Ice said...

I'm sure it's just gas. Gas can be pretty severe sometimes. I had my gassy issues during early pregnancy (both times), and I'm hoping it doesn't come back.