Monday, August 4, 2008

my 'childbirth' class

So - forgetting the drama of Friday night, Aaron and I made the trek up to see my friend the doula on Saturday. We had a date at 1 PM to start childbirth class. I had no idea what that meant, but we drove up anyway. When we got there - her store was filled with babies! A 4 day old little girl and a 7 week old boy! They were both there to learn how to use their moby wraps. If you click on the link, you'll see those are the crazy contraptions that I never thought I was use - a bit to 'crunchy' for my tastes. But then, I saw the looks on these mother's faces as they got them working. 'Oh my god! This is so comfortable!" one said - and the other? She said she used a ring sling, and after a while her back would hurt - this one didn't pull on her back at all. Aaron and I were sold.

The other cool thing to watch was the 4 day old was crying a lot - the mother thought that she had acid reflux. Nina took her and swaddled her in this huge (47" by 47") piece of muslin, rather tightly I may add... and the baby went from crying hysterically to just laying there like a happy baby burrito. It was like baby magic. Pretty much makes you want to believe everything Nina says!

After her store cleared out, she took us into her office and went through different powerpoints, showing us the different parts of the birthing process. Not really anything I didn't know - but it it was great to have someone to talk it over with, and for Aaron to see it. She didn't walk me through birthing positions or breathing - because she says you'll only know what will work for you on the day... and I think that is a great approach. We also did some hypobirthing, and I have some tapes to listen to. The one thing she did coach me on is how to sit after 34 weeks to work on positioning the baby properly for birth, and also told me to do the yoga pose child's pose each evening for 20 minutes to help with positioning.

I'm really excited that she is going to be my doula - I'm just so comfortable with her, and Aaron is too. I have a few more follow-ups with my OB to see about procedures in the hospital - but I feel really excited about my birth choices!


Fertilized said...

Yes to swaddling and that wrap ..I have a knock off made on etsy and BOY oh BOY .. It's Magical

Good luck to you

Jen said...

Your comment on my last post made me laugh so hard!

I'm with you in that there are so many things I've always thought were way too granola for me. But as I read more and see more, I'm beginning to change my mind little by little.

It sounds like you've got yourselves in good hands with your doula!

Zephra said...

She sounds great. I highly recommend swaddling. When my youngest one outgrew his baby blanket, I used a twin sheet.

Vikki a.k.a "V" said...

I noticed a few boxers in your header, do you have two boxer babies? I have a fawn. Anyway, love the moby wrap however it looks a little complicated?

orodemniades said...

The Moby is very's also very, very, veyr warm. I'm using a Maya wrap at the momentm which the Chieftain likes, but it is killer on the back.

Swaddling? It rocks.

Ahuva Batya said...

I had pretty much talked myself out of a doula until reading your post, and now I am back to considering it. She sounds like a wonderful resource!
And thanks for the third-person rec for the Quinny. I was really looking for someone to talk me into it.

La La said...

How exciting! I think I might have to get one of those sling thingys myself! lol