Thursday, August 28, 2008

99 days to go

My ticker just switched into the double digits today.


I'm still not always believing I'm pregnant! I was at my prenatal yoga class last week, and a woman there who is 39 weeks pregnant loves to do the pigeon pose. I don't. I was joking around, and said I would do it to make the pregnant lady happy. She laughed, and said 'Which one?' (even our instructor is pregnant).

I've been feeling really good lately. Last week I exercised (did yoga, swam, walked) 4 days, and this week, I've done something everyday since Sunday morning! It goes back to the whole 'nothing hurts' stage of pregnancy. I've been having trouble sleeping - mostly because I have to pee 2 - 3 times a night and my hips hurt from sleeping on my side - so my theory was to tire myself out, and maybe I'd sleep more. For that part of the plan, I'm not really having a lot of success, but I've also been feeling a LOT better on the days I manage to do something active. So I'm going to try and keep that up as long as I'm in this 'nothing hurts' stage of pregnancy!

I'm getting more and more excited about my week off of work. I haven't had a whole week off since April - and I really plan on enjoying myself. Saturday, my friend Suzanne and I are going to go to u-pick raspberries, and then go home and make jam. Monday, Aaron and I drive to the spa - where we will stay for 3 nights.... and then Friday, planning a day trip to Portsmouth, NH with another friend! Hurrah!


bleu said...

YAY for double digits and YAY for energy and YAY for vacation!! Have a wonderful week!!

Jen said...

Happy double digits!

My hips were hurting a lot from sleeping on my side. I stuck a thick pillow between my legs (this makes no sense to me because it is the bottom hip that hurts) and that helped. And then I got a featherbed for underneath me and that took care of the rest of the pain.

Peeveme said...

Ah...I fondly remember those wonderful days of being pregnant...after the m/s and before the huge discomfort. But even when I was really uncomfortable I was happy. It's the best and I'm so glad you are enjoying it. Have a wonderful vacay.

Jen said...

I totally get that forgetting or not believing your actually pregnant thing. I remember when people started asking me my due date and the only response they'd get was a confused look on my face.

mmmmm... Raspberries! Congrats on reaching the double digits. It won't be too much longer now.

tobacco brunette said...

Enjoy your week off - you definitely deserve it.

Am I the only person whose ears hurt from sleeping on my side? I have to switch sides a lot because my ears get mashed into my head. Can not WAIT to sleep on my tummy again.

Geohde said...

It is amazing how quickly the whole experience goes.

Soon you'll have your little one you've waited so long for,


Beautiful Mess said...

WOOOHOOOOO!!!!! Double digits, that's SO exciting, congrats!!! Enjoy your vacation. Making jam sounds delicious!

Stacie said...

Enjoy your week off! It sounds like you have a lot of fun things planned!

Congrats on the double digits!

Here from ICLW.

Sugar and Ice said...

What is the pigeon pose???