Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random Wednesday

Wednesday's are for random stuff in Blogland, and I've got plenty of random to go around. Here we go:

1. My first stretch marks have arrived. I guess that means that the baby is growing, and I'm not super upset about it. I'm really fair - so I knew this was coming. I hope that it doesn't get too ugly by week 40!

2. I'm going to give prenatal yoga a try tomorrow night - I'm excited for it. I love yoga, and haven't done it in a bit.

3. I woke up this morning at 4 am STARVING. I'm guessing another indication that the baby is growing? Aaron was also awake, he had a headache. He went downstairs and got me one of those sausage and pancakes on a stick. I fell right back to sleep.

4. I have found out that I am the goddess of shopping. On two different shopping trips, I've gotten the most amazing deals. Aaron and I needed a new duvet (our old one ripped). I am a quilter, and am in the process of making a really nice quilt for our bed - but we still need a duvet for warmth. But it won't show - so can just be plain. I spent a good 20 minutes trying to decide how much I was willing to pay for this thing.... and finally, painfully, decided to get the $150 one (not the cheapest, not the most expensive). I went to pay... and noticed the price tag on it said $99.99! Even though it rang up at $150, they had to give me the $99.99 price. I saved $50!!!!!! Woot.

Fast forward 2 days. Lord Henry, as I like to call our younger dog, likes to get up in bed in the morning. Oftentimes, he is dirty/slobbery and will get the duvet dirty, which then involves me jamming a king sized comforter into my not so high capacity washing machine. I was complaining to my friend, and she said I should just get a duvet cover (duh). I go back to the same store. At first, the only covers I find were $100. Way more than I wanted to spend. After much searching, I find one that is $30. that seemed reasonable. I go to checkout. It rang up for $15!!!!!!

Is it wrong that I am SO happy about this?!?

5. I'm also super happy about the current state of my peach tree. In about a day - I'm going to have a ridiculous amount of peaches, ready to be picked. I'm planning on making LOADS of peach items - jam, cobbler, crisp - and then canning/freezing them to enjoy in the winter, when peaches suck. Hurrah!

OK - guess that's it for now.... I'm so happy only 2 more work days this week!


Jen said...

mmmmm...peaches. I vote for some peach pie!

Ahuva Batya said...

I can't decide which I am more jealous about: the Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick, or the fresh peaches.

Cathy-Cate said...

Oh, I LOVE peaches! Can I come visit?

amysue said... favorite fruit is peaches!!!!

Last Spring I went to Ikea with my ex and got an amazing duvet cover on clearance for $10!!

I'm glad you're settling in to the prenancy so well, though the sausuage/pancake on a stick thing scares me!

emily said...

Awesome deals... unfortunately for my husband, shopping has become my new partying. No partying, just shopping, searching for the pink discount sticker. (Am i a freak? I think not.)
yum peaches... I miss Gerogia! I love peach cobbler. And peaches in vanilla ice cream.

Vikki a.k.a "V" said...

Bargain shopper, you go girl!!!! Oh, you just gotta love those boxers. He chewed up the leg of my kitchen table yesterday~so he is now in the dog house. Your right, good thing they are cute. Explain this pancake on a stick? I think we all are a little curious. My mom makes killer pouched peaches with brown sugar and then serves it over ice cream...YUM.

Deborah said...

Yay for the bargains.

We have a peach tree, and I'm not sure whether all the peaches fell off in one of the rainstorms before they matured or whether a squirrel ate them. Did you do anything special to make your peaches grow?

Sugar and Ice said...

Yum! I love peaches, but I rarely buy them b/c you have to eat them so fast or they go bad. I'd kill for a peach cobbler right now.

Jen said...

I've been meaning to start canning stuff for the off season. I haven't yet though.

I love deals too!