Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Aaron's Stages of Pregnancy

Aaron was asking me how I felt last night, and I said 'Nothing hurts!'. He laughed and said these were my stages of pregnancy:

I'm pregnant! Hurrah!
I'm not throwing up! Hurrah!
I can feel the baby move! Hurrah!
Nothing hurts! Hurrah!

The nothing hurts comment comes from the fact that pretty much, for the past week or so, something has hurt. First it was my belly, and then my lower back AND my belly hurt. I couldn't even sleep on Friday night. It sucked. By Sunday, I was feeling better - and all day yesterday, nothing, not even my belly (!) hurt. It was awesome.

I'm so nervous that I'm going to turn into one of those pregnant ladies that is always miserable - and I really don't want that! I want to enjoy this time! Hopefully the back pain was just a fluke...


Jen said...

I hope it goes on with the nothing hurts stage!

Jen said...

Well if you were truly one of those miserable pregnant ladies, then you wouldn't be able to add a hurrah! after each step, now would you. Still I'm hoping the nothing hurts stage is here to stay for a while.

sarah said...


bleu said...

lol at those stages, hopefully the pain will not be back for a while.