Friday, October 24, 2008

34 weeks.

3 weeks to go until full term. 6 weeks until my due date. And I'm officially ready to complain about pregnancy. I have a LOT of heartburn. Praise the lord for zantac. But I'm also getting lower back pain. That is remedied by sitting on my exercise ball (sometimes). The biggest complaint? My belly HURTS. It feels like things are getting torn up in there sometimes. If I roll over the 'wrong way' in bed - OUCH. Of course, I can't really determine what the right way is, because it seems to me like there is no difference between the times that hurt and the times that don't.

Wah. I feel like I'm being a baby. But whatever. I'm still able to work out at the gym... was on the elliptical yesterday for 30 minutes and it felt great. I also started drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea today. I've heard that it tones your uterus... and a lot of people on my natural birth board swear by it. I asked my doula, she isn't 100% convinced it does anything. But it doesn't hurt, so why not, she said.

Oh - want to see a picture of me bowling on Weds? It's a crappy iPhone picture - but still pretty funny:

Not the most flattering picture, but again, whatever.

I'm pretty glad it's Friday, like I am every week. Although it seems like the weeks are flying by - such a difference from the beginning of my pregnancy. Now, when I actually have things to do and no time to do it in - time flies! This week I really have minimal plans. My friend Tarsha is coming over to sew on Saturday... and that is it. We will be visiting my FIL in the recovery center (Aaron reports that he is MUCH happier there than he was in the hospital, so that is good). But mostly hanging out and doing stuff around the house.


bleu said...

Adorable pic!!!

You are in the home stretch, it gets so hard but soooo exciting!!!!

Much love!!!!!!

Becky said...

love the picture!
And again, i'm so glad your FiL is doing better.

Jen said...

You are getting close! How exciting! I hope things settle down and you feel better.

Sweet Georgia said...

Wow - things are really moving now! Only 6 more weeks. Love the pic! Glad your FIL is doing better.

amysue said...

Wait a minute...a baby?!! In 6 weeks?!! But wasn't it yesterday? I can't believe I haven't seen you in that long. I suck. You look great and this is th point when all my pregnant friends bitch and moan because well it''s getting crowded in there!

I hope Aaron's dad continues to do well and during healing prayers at shul thought of him (you think or say out loud the name of people you're praying for and I realized I had no name other than "Aaron's dad", I figure if there is a G-d he/she will know who I mean)

edie & ella said...

Great's hard to tell what is rounder the bowling ball or the baby bump!!! Too cute and mighty brave of you I might get out there on those slippery lanes!!! Keeping active should help you bounce back post good job with that!!!
Glad to hear your FIL is doing dad had an unexpected stroke several years ago...he was SUPER healthy and fit....he has bounced back 99%.....your FIL is in my thoughts.....your almost there....sam

Lollipop Goldstein said...

It is a great picture.

I'm so sorry about your FIL, Cece. I wish things could be easier.

Erin said...

Came over from the Lushary to wish you some peace and calm and happiness (without the stress!) of these last few weeks before you meet your baby!

Kenya said...

I love the pic!! And I'm still contemplating the exercise ball. I'm scared my big butt will break the thing.

Lucia said...

All of that sounds pretty normal, and being annoyed with it is normal too. In fact at that stage of pregnancy I think I was annoyed with whatever was in my line of vision. I didn't have much heartburn with Taz, but Miss B, being a girl, felt the need to redecorate, and I had it for eight months. I highly recommend ginger tea.