Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So. I don't know why stuff like this annoys me so much. But last night, I was at the gym. And two rather chatty ladies got on the elliptical machines next to me. They were chatting about how a local bank was rumored to not be doing well, so they moved their $30,000 out of that bank - so they wouldn't lose it. I kind of chuckled, and the other woman said - isn't that protected by the FDIC? And the other lady said - I think so? And since they were already talking so loudly I couldn't help but hear, I said - yep - you are totally protected up to $100,000 - and more now that the bail out bill passed).

They asked me how I knew that - and I said I work for Large Bank X (thinking to myself - um high school economics?!). And they thought that was a good answer. They also kept on asking me questions about how to use the elliptical machine (you know, because it's brain surgery). Needless to say - they were talking to me and looking at me for at least 20 minutes. As they were both getting off the machines, one asked how everyone was holding up in my office. And I said it was pretty stressful, but since my bank is one of the more stable ones - it wasn't too bad. Then I mentioned that I was really looking forward to my maternity leave.

She then said - are you hoping to get pregnant?

COME ON! Seriously? I'm freaking 8 months pregnant.

Guess they are in the camp that thinks I'm the unfortunate pot bellied woman. Sigh.

So I explained that I was due on Dec 5th - and they both looked at my closer, and said - good for you! It's good that you are still working out! And then went on to tell me that both had children (like I didn't know that from the 20 minutes of discussing their children's test scores.). It was hard for me not to say something nasty.


bleu said...

Ugh what a pain. I would have been so irritated!!!

Jen said...

Yeah, that would have driven me crazy. I try to avoid talking to people in public for these very reasons.

Fertilized said...


Christy said...

Ug! Clueless folks, what fun time. You showed amazing restraint.

sarah said...

Geeze! Talk about self absorbed and ignorant, all in one package!

Chelle said...

I'm sorry, but I had to chuckle at this post. Why are the majority of women so freaking stupid? I honestly would have been laughing at them the whole time.

And since they are not smart enough to know that money is insured up to $100k (which both of my dogs know, btw), one can never assume that they are smart enough to know a pregnant woman when they see one.

Just laugh, they are stupid and ingorant, and they proved it.

Geohde said...

Oh my.

How tactless of the woman. Actually downright rude!


emily said...

I know why it annoys you, because it was totally rude. people can be so loud and obnoxious and inconsiderate. foot in mouth? check!
plus who puts 30 grand someplace without knowing anything about it? my guess is total idiots.