Wednesday, October 8, 2008

OB appointments that you love

Last night, I was setting my alarm for this morning. I set it for 7:45 AM (my normal wake up time if I'm working from home). I laid down, started reading my book, and then totally realized that I had a doctors appointment this morning! This kind of cracked me up, as in the early months of my pregnancy I would be so nervous about each appointment - thinking about it for days or WEEKS ahead of time.

Guess it's hard to be nervous about things being OK when the LO is kicking around like a crazy baby all the time.

And the news from the doc is that all is perfect. My BP was 122/86, I lost a ½ pound from last time. The baby’s heartbeat was great, and I’m still on track for a medium sized baby (hurrah!) He also mentioned that I not only passed my GD test, but I was well below the threshold. So he was happy with that. He mentioned that I’ll be full term in 6 weeks – and asked if I was ready…. And I said – would a hole in the wall of the baby room indicate readiness? Hahaha. I then asked if there was any way he could feel around to see if the baby was head down, and he said he’d try – and feeling around he found the baby’s head-down, with it’s back to my right side. So that is good news! My doula tells me the next step is to get it moved so it's back it facing the left side - but we'll worry about that in a few weeks.

It's interesting to me that I lost weight - but not a HUGE surprise. First, I had a cold for almost 2 weeks, which made me not be able to taste anything. Then, the only time I feel comfortable is when I'm moving. So I've been swimming/walking pretty much every day. I'm 2.5 pounds away from moving the BIG weight on the scale up a notch - must admit I'd be happy not not ever hit that milestone, but with 8 weeks to go, I doubt that is going to happen.


bleu said...

YAY for forgetting appointments for the baby moving in belly reasons!!!

Jen said...

Good! I'm glad you had such a nice, normal appointment. Those are the best kind.

sukeyknits said...

That's wonderful news. Glad little Hulk is full of energy - watch out for hte toddler years! I can't believe that the 9+ months is almost over - it's gone by so quickly. This is the end of an era you know, it's all about to change but in the most wonderful way. I can't wait!

hitherandyarn said...

Ah, don't worry too much about which side the baby's back is on. That part can flip at a moment's notice, and is no big deal, not like head up! For a first baby, usually, once they're head down after about 34 weeks, they stay that way.

Hooray for normal! It's so refreshing after going through so much to get here.