Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random Wednesday

1. Good news yesterday on the FIL front - he is eating on his own! No more feeding tube! We are pretty freaking excited about that - it also means that he will get discharged from the hospital and into a recovery center. I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of progress he makes with some real PT.
2. Fried Clams + Apple Cider = horrible, horrible heartburn.
3. I'm taking my team out bowling to thank them for a lot of hard work over the past couple months. I'll see if I can get a picture of me bowling. I'm thinking that is going to be pretty freaking funny.
4. I'm currently obsessed with lists. Christmas gift lists, people to call when the baby comes list, to do lists for stuff around the house.
5. I dreamt last night that I very easily gave birth, without my doula there and my doctor was looking the other way. When it first came out - it was a baby - but then changed into a puppy. I attribute this to my flip answer when people ask me what I'm having = 'It's a baby!'.
6. I'm getting a flu shot tomorrow. Let's hope for no yucky side effects.


bleu said...

I had the birth a puppy dream with Bliss, I heard it was common. Strange though.

Soooo happy about FIL!!

Becky said...

I totally miss the fried clams from Mass (and my childhood).
I'm glad your FIL is doing better, weird dream, but we do lover our dogs don't we. I have some pictures of my boxers on my blog.

Can't wait to see you bowling!

tobacco brunette said...

I've been wondering about your FIL. I'm so glad to hear he is doing better.

Weird dream - must be that Boxer love...

Jen said...

I am glad your father-in-law is doing well!

I had my flu shot today. I am also hoping for no side effects. None yet!

Sugar and Ice said...

Any kind of cider or juice gave me terrible acid reflux while I was pregnant. I was glad that went away the minute the babies arrived.