Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We had an AMAZING long weekend in Maine. This is becoming an annual trip (we've been in  2010 twice, and 2012) that we all look forward to. The village her house in in, Bayside, is quiet possibly the most beautiful place. The weather this year was perfect, and we had a great visit. I must have said to my friend 50 times on Saturday 'This is great'. Maggie's favorite part was 'sticking her toes in the deep, deep ocean' and Cam - well Cam managed to get onto all the boats in the harbor (he went for multiple rides in Lucas's launch, charmed his way onto a friend's Boston Whaler - and they let him drive that one - and we all went on the family's sailboat.)

This the beach - not your normal beach, but a pretty rocky one. Cam's legs have scrapes everywhere from all his exploring:

Walter, my friend's husband, is a big sailor and he took us out on their sailboat. Cam's face was plastered with that smile the entire time. Walter let him 'drive' most of the trip.
The water there is VERY cold (like 62 degrees). Every day I would put on my bathing suit, and go with the kids to the beach, but they would never venture in. On Sunday, I was planning on heading home at noon. We went down to the dock to say good-bye to the ocean, and for the the first time, I didn't put on my suit. Wouldn't it figure that both kids wanted to get in! Luckily, Lucas, the older son, was with us, and got in with the kids. And a really nice guy dove down to the bottom and got a sand dollar to show Maggie. She loved it.
But in normal Maggie-style, got very concerned that the sand dollar missed it's family, so she gently put him back in the water. She is so gentle with animals.

And this was the last picture I took - saying goodbye to the park as we walked up to the house to get ready to leave.

I can't say it enough how much I love this stage. Both kids are really wonderful right now. Brave enough to try new things, excited to make new friends, and just all around a joy to hang out with. Even just 6 months ago I would be totally wiped out from spending a long weekend alone with them - but now? I had a wonderful time watching them do their own thing, and I got to reconnect with a friend I rarely hang out with. It was re-energizing.

Perfect weekend. 

Of course, we are now suffering from over-tired kids! They did sleep amazingly well at night there, but being out in the sun running around all day with no naps? We are in catch-up mode now (and me too!).


HereWeGoAJen said...

This looks like an amazing trip! I loved all the pictures.

Orvi said...

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Carrie27 said...

My two girls always say things are missing their mommy, too!