Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer done right

I haven't been updating here too much, but it's not because we aren't doing anything. It's because we are doing too much!

But it's mostly too much of a GOOD thing. Last week we were at a lake for 3 full days. One with a good friend we haven't hung out with for a while, who lives on a lake, 2 children (5 and 7 years old) and has boats. Oh my god, did the kids have fun. We also had two birthday parties, and then prepping for camp this week.

Both kids were super excited for camp. Maggie is going to a local barn from 9-12 each day for Pony Camp. I signed her up in March. The summer has flown by so quickly that I had yet to go to the tack shop and get her the supplies she needed (riding boots and special riding pants). My mom was here helping Thursday/Friday - so I sent her with Maggie to a horse consignment shop. She came home totally outfitted and ready to go!

Too cute, right?

Cam is off to our local town recreation department camp. It's a very nice, low key camp. They seem to spend most of their time at the town beach, which is perfect, I think.

After Aaron and I had both kids deposited at camp, I realized how nervous I was. This was the first time that either child has been with people who weren't our daycare or very trusted family/friends. Of course, I was sure that both places are great places for my kids to be at (or I wouldn't have signed them up) but it was a little unnerving!

In the end, both kids had a great day. And tired! And very excited for day 2 of camp.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Oh my lord, Maggie all dressed up for pony camp is killing me.