Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Knitting Mojo

I used to knit ALL THE TIME. In the car, watching TV, while on the phone, in restaurants, at church... everywhere. I would have knitting in my bag at all times. As the kids have gotten older and more mobile and active, that has slowed down. My knitting moved to just at night while watching TV. In the past year, I've gotten back into swimming. And my swim team meets from 8-9:30 at night - which is my prime knitting time.

But I still love to knit. And want to knit things for the kids. And every once in a while, something will catch my eye that I have to make. This past week, I found two things that I absolutely MUST KNIT. One is for me. A nice roomy, sweatshirt like sweater. I bought this kit because I love the colors, and my friends. It's cashmere. And then I saw this pattern. An Icelandic sweater for girls. With horses. And I already own the yarn it calls for. So yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!

But. I was still knitting a scarf that I HAD TO HAVE last Christmas that Aaron bought for me as a kit. The pattern is called Leftie, and is fun to knit (garter stitch only), but I just wasn't making the time to finish it. As I had already ordered the cashmere kit and the horse pattern, I forced myself to finish the knitting on that before the new kit arrived. And oh my, do I love the finished project!

It's the perfect colors for the fall, and I love wearing it! Hurrah!

So, now I just need to make time to ball up the new yarn, and wait for the other colors of Maggie's sweater yarn to arrive! I hope to have the Horse Sweater finished for her birthday. We shall see.

This weekend I have a planned getaway with my girlfriends, and I'm hoping to make a quilt for Cam for his birthday. It's going to be based on this Lego quilt I found. I'm considering doing the Lego stamps in the colors of the fabric (like it is on real Lego's) and using fabric paint instead of ink. I need to decide kind of quickly, as I'm leaving Friday morning for the weekend!

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