Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mommy Time

Over a month ago, I was bemoaning to a friend that men so easily will say to their wives - 'Do you mind if I go away for the weekend?" and they will go. Not another thought. This is not saying that there is anything BAD about this. I think it's great. Everyone needs a break from 'real life' sometimes and a weekend is a nice chunk of time to do it. It's usual affordable in both cost and spare vacation time. But in my experience, not many woman do the same. Even if I'm able to find a very inexpensive place to go - many aren't able to break away from family life obligations.

I get frustrated, because I know that they COULD. It's just that they don't. And why is that? Why do women feel like the family can't run without us? Not only can it run without us, it should sometimes. It gives everyone a boost! Sure, sometimes plans don't work because of schedules or work or whatever, but I think it isn't fair to anyone to think that we are so important that we can never take time for ourselves.

Anyway - back to my story. Right as I was bitching about this inability of women to find time to go away, I got an email from another friend asking if anyone wanted to go to her house on the Cape for a weekend! Replies came back fast and furious and of the 6 of us that craft together, 5 could come. And for one reason or another, we were all in desperate need of a weekend away. It was perfect.

This is a group of women I met in a quilting class 10 years ago. Every time we do something like this, it reminds me that it's almost a miracle we found each other. We are a group of like minded women, who have the same hobbies, and really enjoy spending time together. I'm always happier after time spent with these women, and this weekend was no different.

We arrived on the Cape Friday, had a wonderful lunch. I had booked a massage, and then as the day wore on everyone arrived. We all had a project to work on, each of us contributed food and drinks and even brought our own sheets to make the weekend as stress-free for the woman whose house it was. Just a great weekend. I actually finished 2 full quilts! The Lego one I'm working on for Cam's birthday (just need to stamp on the Lego logo) and then a bonus one. We laughed, stayed up late, sung along to the radio, and commiserated.

Down time. Something everyone needs.

And Aaron. He was left in charge of a super busy weekend (2 Halloween parties, soccer practice for Cam, flu shot, and the kids sang in choir at church for the first time!) and the kids had a blast. Aaron was actually offended when I tried to give him 'help' by making him lists or asking if I should line up food - "I'm capable! Jesus!". Did I miss out on doing a few things with my kids? Yes. Is that the end of the world? No.

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