Monday, May 19, 2008

You like?

If you are a feed reader - you should click over and see my new digs! I had Cali give me a neat new header - and I love it. The first one didn't have a picture of Aaron on it. He made some comment about how that was 'wrong' and Cali put in the funny 'Bond, Aaron Bond' version. It cracks me up because Aaron didn't even wear a tux at our wedding - but he really likes his new cartoon self.

This weekend was good. I got to go to a big yarn sale and stock up. I haven't been knitting all that much because I've been SO tired. But there are a few cardigans that I want to make to wear in the fall - realizing that many of my favorite sweaters aren't going to make it over a big preggo belly.

I also went to the cabin and spent time with my mom. It actually was fun - because she was asking a lot about what I will need when the baby comes, and what my plans are, etc. Aaron and I haven't really gotten that far. We are still just excited about being pregnant (and of course, there is the shock of the child care costs... but we are OK on that now too). But - I did finally snap at her about weight issues. My friend Suzanne had come also, and we were 'voting' on what to have for dinner. And I was saying that I should get TWO votes because I'm technically TWO people. Mom walked into the room at that point, and said 'Augh. You aren't TWO people - and don't think you can eat like that'. I totally snapped at her - saying that WASN'T what I was referring to - and she needed to back off on the weight issues. She got quiet after that.

I hope this week flies by, as I'm really looking forward to the long weekend. Is it bad to be thinking of the weekend on Monday?


amysue said...

I managed to be fairly restrained at the sale (Noah was my little whiny voice of reason), but am kicking myself for not getting the addi bamboos...will be getting them here today if possible.

Love all the new headers.

JJ said...

Love the header!

The Town Criers said...

I love the new header. I am guilty of Google Reader reading so I'm glad you said that.

Fertilized said...

spiffy new header!

I can't wait for this weekend either - and it's only monday. I am so there girlfriend!

Baby Step said...

I love the new header too. I am glad you told your mom where to go. She needs to be put in her place!

Jen said...

The new header is very snazzy! And maybe it is early, but it is so fun shopping for the new baby. Besides, better to stock up too early than waiting until its really late.

Geohde said...

The header is great,


K @ ourboxofrain said...

The new header is fantastic!

And it's Tuesday now, but I've been looking forward to the weekend since yesterday, so i'm totally with you on that one.