Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anyone need some follistim?

I have an unopened 900 vial that I was going to send to Samantha, but she went ahead and got pregnant. Anyone else in need? <== Found someone... and she needs more than I have - so help out if you have any leftovers!

In other news, my latest freak out has been how to sleep. I went for a massage on Saturday, and she only let me lay on my right hand side for a short amount of time. I started thinking - I pretty much only sleep on my right hand side! So Saturday and Sunday night I kept waking up and finding myself on my right side.... and would flip over. And then lay there wondering what I was doing to the baby by sleeping on the wrong side. I finally googled it - I'm doing nothing bad to the baby - I could just be putting pressure on my liver. I don't think my uterus is big enough yet to be making any impact.... but I lost 2 nights sleep stressing on that.

I'm a freak.


Jen said...

Oh, heck, I keep waking up on my back, with my uterus thunked down between my hips (if I am awake enough, I can feel the thunk). Everything I've read says you'll get massively uncomfortable and wake up before you do any harm (and whether you actually can do harm is debatable). Man, I miss sleeping on my back.

Brandy said...

I worried about this much more when I was pregnant with Aiden. I didn't worry about the right side thing so much since my midwife said it didn't matter as long as I stayed off my back if I felt dizzy or light headed. I did try to stay off my back but by 8 months pregnant my hips ACHED like there was no tomorrow and I would roll back and forth all night long. It was a pain. Then, when I was in labor the nurses kept having me change positions from right to left and sometimes on my back so I figured that whatever way I was comfortable must be okay.

I tend not to lay on my back a ton, just because that can be uncomfortable for my lower back without a pillow under my legs, but if I wake up on my back or either side I don't worry a thing. Any way you can find comfort is a good thing! :-)

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I hope you find a comfortable position -- I've been struggling with that one for a while now, mainly flipping from left side to right. For me it's been as Jen said her reading indicated it would be -- if I end up on my back, I get super uncomfortable very quickly, so I pretty much don't spend any time on my back these days. And I've finally gotten to where sleeping even partially on my stomach is awkward as well. :(

Cathy-Cate said...

Here's your official 'Don't Freak Lady'!

It doesn't matter one squidge until you're over 20 weeks at least (the uterus isn't even up to the level of the big blood vessels until then). You can lay any way you want to right now that feels halfway comfortable, including on your back!

After that, your body will alert you if you're flat on your back too long while you're asleep; but other than that, the only time left vs. right matters is if you're close to term or in labor and the baby's stressed. Even then, if you're all the way over on your right, the uterus is not pushing on the vena cava (the big vein). So be what you wanna be, lay how you wanna lay. Start to experiment with body pillows or pillows between your knees or pushed up behind your back -- feels good.

No freakazoiding allowed.

(Oh, BTW, I should explain for other people reading my bossy know-it-all comments, I am an OB/GYN for real, and I know CeCe, or I wouldn't be holding forth!)

K, what else are you freaking out about? Yes, I know, waiting to feel the baby move! Hard to wait, but at least you'll hear the heartbeat again soon.

: )

(Don't tell me if you're eating raw oysters, though, even if Steph would....)

Jen said...

Personally, I think the whole how you sleep while pregnant thing is overplayed. It's hard enough for some to sleep at all while pregnant, so if you find a way that works, go for it although obviously the stomach is out.

vramsey79 said...

I would love to have it...Let me know

Anonymous said...

Yep yep, you are too early for it to matter. By the time I was big enough for it to matter, I could only sleep pretty much sitting up in a recliner like what they use for the NSTs.

Freak out all you want though. My nurses kept telling me that I should stop worrying because it would hurt the baby. Um... ya... that's the dumbest thing EVER to say to someone. Plus, baby was totally and completely perfect.

Chas said...

I think the whole left vs. right thing matters more closer to the third trimester. It does have to do with the liver, and as you get bigger it also has to do with a large blood vessel. Somehow blood flow reaches the baby better if you lie on your left side. I'm over 20 weeks, and I still wake up on my right side frequently. I can't help it...just can't sleep in the same position all night ever night.

nancy said...

Soulbliss needs the follistim! Check her at soulbliss.blogspot.com

And you are right to not freak out. Your body will tell you if you are sleeping wrong. That's what my OB said. I'd quite frequently wake up on my back and he said that if I was putting pressure on the wrong spot, my body would react. So sleep, sleep, sleep!

Wishing 4 One said...

Man you know I never even thought of that, sleep habits while pregnant. But you know what, it doesn't matter for me anyway does it? Anyhoow....

I think you should join us girl!

Sharon said...

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Veronica said...

Not a freak, just pregnant. hehe...I remember all my freak outs. Oy!


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