Monday, June 23, 2008

Rainy day

Today is a rainy, stormy day.... which I love. I'm also working from home - so I get to sit with all the windows open and listen to the rain instead of watching it from a high rise.

Thanks to everyone for their great comments on Friday! I was just so relieved to know everything is growing well in there! And have the doc confirm that I'm on track with my weight and all that other jazz.

This weekend was fun. It started with going to the movies and seeing Get Smart. I have to admit - I wasn't thinking this was going to be a great movie. Aaron and I love going to the movie theater, so I know it's going to be one thing we miss when the baby comes. I'm sure we'll go every once in a while...but - I'm trying to see a bunch of movies that I figure will be 'mediocre' before the baby arrives. I'm guessing we won't be wasting a baby sitter on an 'ok' movie. But OMG this movie was funny! I was laughing so hard at one point I was crying! It's totally slapstick comedy - but I must of been in the right mood for it. Get thee to a theater and see it!

Saturday was spent relaxing and knitting, and Sunday I got up a little earlier than usual (for a weekend) and went to the gym with my new maternity bathing suit, and did some swimming. I'm a Swimmer with a capital S - as I swum the mile in college and made All-American, and I've done a bunch of open water swimming since college - including swimming from Alcatraz and an 8 mile ocean swim in the Boston Harbor. I love swimming. But - with my increased girth, plus the baby belly I'm sporting in my lower belly (the one place where speedos don't really stretch) I haven't really been able to do laps for a few weeks. I finally found a maternity bathing suit in a plus size that I could SWIM in . All the others are fru-fru and just for wading at the edge or floating. But this one is an actually bathing suit. I couldn't have been happier swimming along yesterday. It was only 68 degrees out, and no sun - so I also had the pool all to myself. Heaven.

After swimming, I went to a friends house and just relaxed, sitting out on her deck for hours, catching up and knitting (most of my friends knit - I love that). And then we went out and had a nice dinner, some Starbucks, and went to Borders - where I got Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner (thanks to Blu for calling this new book to my attention!). I loved her first book, Good in Bed - and if you haven't read it - I totally recommend it.


Jen said...

Ahhh...just listening to your weekend makes me feel more relaxed. Sounds like fun, and you got a lot of knitting in!

Sweet Georgia said...

We saw Get Smart on Friday night. I felt the same way as you going in and coming out. It was a pretty funny movie.

I'm a swimmer too. Used to swim the 400M Freestyle. Doing a mini-tri in August and am just getting into the open water swimming.

Jen said...

I thought Get Smart was really funny too!

It has been raining here like crazy.

sarah said...

sounds delightful.

Fertilized said...

The book good in bed was one of my FAVORITE books. I read it in like 4 days ( which is superfast for my nonreader self) I need to go get her new one

Thank God for swimming. It totally helped me my last month of pregnancy.

Baby Step said...

OMG I love Jennifer Weiner's books! Thanks for letting me know there is a new one out! I will have to hit the library and see if it is out yet. Did you read "Little Earthquakes"? It was fab.

Swimming is my favorite too. My friends are trying to get me to sign up for the Alcatraz swim, but last year it was a total nightmare (high surf, bad weather, someone died!) and I am glad I didn't do it. I am VERY impressed with your swimming!!! I just swim laps at the 50 meter pool at work. I am going there right now!

Samantha said...

What a great weekend! I’m going to have to see Get Smart now!

La La said...

Thanks for the book/movie recomendations - I'll have to check those out! ;)

BTW, where did you find your maternity bathing suit? I've been looking ALL OVER for one and I can't find it!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely-sounding weekend. I'm glad all is going well!

(Last ditch attempt to complete NCLM)

Deb said...

its nice to have those totally relaxing days sometimes - and its good to get them in while you still can ;)