Monday, June 16, 2008

The tour and a doula

On Saturday - we went on a tour of the nearby hospital's birthing center. It actually just opened on Tuesday. It is beautiful. Hardwood floors, flat screen TVs in each room. More than once it was mentioned that you could use your cell phones anywhere and there was free wi-fi. I have to say - although those were nice touches, it isn't all that important to me (maybe we could live blog the birth? I doubt Aaron would go for that, lol). But - they do have a nice big hot tub, the rooms are all private with big showers, and there is a bed in each room so Aaron will be able to stay with me. We liked it well enough to stay with our decision to birth there.

We also met with my first choice doula last night, and she was great. We both felt really comfortable with her - and once I get past the 18 week u/s (on July 7th!!) I think I'll send in the deposit and contract to work with her. She really seemed on the same page as us on the whole natural birth thing - but was also down to earth, and most importantly, Aaron felt at ease with her - which I think will be really important on the actual day.

Besides that, we had a pretty laid back Father's Day weekend. I got Aaron a few cards, a baby book that was recommended by a mommy blogger, and an ice cream machine. Not so sure on the ethics of the ice cream machine as a 'gift' for Aaron, as he was making ME ice cream with it all weekend. Yumyumyum.

I will say - I'm glad to be in the second trimester. I feel so much better! But it's also a bit like limbo. I can't feel baby movement yet - but I'm not having loads of symptoms anymore (besides needing to get up every hour to pee at night) - so - in the back of my mind I'm mildly freaking out that everything is going ok in there. I have my 4 month OB check up on Friday - and can't wait to hear that heartbeat again.


Deb said...

We'll that's 2 things down - birthing center and the doula. congrats! Sounds like a nice birthing center - do they rent out by the week? Cause it sounds sweet.
I think the ice cream machine WAS a great gift for Aaron. Cause as we all know, if momma aint happy - no one's happy. Win-win situation.
Try not to freak out too much - before long you'll be saying "stay still in there".

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I'm glad you liked both the birthing center and the doula -- those are huge steps! I hope you have a great appointment on Friday -- four months is yet another huge milestone!

Deborah said...

I think you're at the stage of pregnancy where you think up lots of excuses to call your OB, get a heartbeat check, etc. It's nice being symptom-free, though, if you can enjoy it throughout the worrying.

That really does sound like a great birthing center.

Jen said...

You are so far ahead of me in planning! Ack! :)

edie & ella said...

ice cream machine !!!! yummy!!!
I remember feeling GREAT in my second trimester. Peeing less at night most importantly. It's like the calm before the storm. It will be nice for a few weeks when you start to feel them move -- that's awesome. Then when they get bigger it's back to the bathroom you go....... how fun. I loved being pregnant, I hope you do too. Take care and eat more ice cream -- it's good with little chunks of cake in it and whipped cream on top -- hey maybe that's why I gained 60 pounds huh!!!!

Chas said...

That's great! A few more things checked off the to-do list.

I actually really enjoyed having WiFi in the hospital when I had Lila. I was able to email pictures to everyone right away.

Baby Step said...

Home made ice cream -- YUM! I think it is perfectly ethical to buy yourself (hrmm hmmm) Aaron an ice cream maker. :-) Good thinking!

tobacco brunette said...

Don't freak out about the movement (if you can avoid it). You're probably feeling it and don't even realize it. That's how it was for me. I was growing worried then I finally figured out that I was chalking up baby movement to digestive gurgling.

I wish I'd thought to get my husband an ice cream machine. That was brilliant!

Jen said...

I swear that some of these newly remodeled birthing centers are nicer than most of the hotels I've stayed in (and when works not paying, I'm not staying anywhere fancy). It's just too bad that they try to get you in and out so very quickly.

It does seem like you have to wait forever until you start feeling movement. But it should happen and within the next month or so too. And I guarantee the wait will be worth it!

Portia P said...

Here via nclm.

I'm 20 weeks tomorrow and still at the same stage as you - in need of reassurance that all's well in there.

I've not done a hospital tour - too superstitious! I must get on with it! I have booked antenatal classes though, so that's one thing sorted.

Good luck. xx

Kim said...

Mmmm. Ice cream! The hospital sounds fantastic! Happy Second trimester! NCLM

Wishing 4 One said...

Wow, everything sounds so GREAT, I am so happy for you! (don't I say that every time, its true I am!)

Good to hear about you liking the center and go for it with youre doula, as long as you both feel good with her she'll be great!

Oh how I wish I had an ice cream maker, think I better buy one, I LOVE ice cream!!! Happy 2nd trimester too! xoxoxoxo

My name is Andy. said...

I'm stopping by from NCML.

Your birthing center sounds great, and I'm glad you found a doula!

Good luck

La La said...

That birthing center sounds AWESOME!!