Monday, July 21, 2008

Back from vacation, and my 20 week check up!

Today, I went to my 20 week check up, and I didn't even wear my lucky socks. I know, I know, I'm getting a little crazy. But, I've been regularly feeling kicks, so I was feeling good. Of course, on the drive over - I realized that I would also be getting the 'official' results of the ultrasounds - and was starting to curse myself for not wearing the socks. But all was fine. The doc said everything looked perfect on the u/s, and then we listened to the heartbeat. I didn't even find out how many BPM, but at first, the LO was kicking right at the wand, so we had to wait until the baby calmed down a bit to hear the heartbeat. Everything was great. I even talked a bit with her about my desire for a natural childbirth, and she was really supportive, which is reassuring. She is putting a note in my file, and she says that will help the doc on call know how to phrase questions when I'm in labor.

Nantucket was great. In a big surprise, my friend who is a doula was there, and we met for lunch. We were talking about my pregnancy in general, and she was giving different advice... and I jokingly asked what my odds were of her being my doula. And she said - really good! Ha! I'm so excited! She also has her own shop where they offer childbirth classes. So - she wants me to start a few classes with her within the next month (hpynobirthing being one I'm most interested in).

We went to beach every day, and both of us managed to get sunburned on the last day - isn't that always the way it works? I was on Nantucket to teach a class at the 1800 house in punch needle embroidery- and that was also a success. People were asking if I was going to offer it again next year, which is flattering. A lot of Aaron's family either lives on the island (his mom, grandmother and aunt and uncle) or is there for the summer (an uncle), so we got to visit a bunch of family in one swoop. The uncle that is there for the summer has a 55 foot motorboat and we got to go out on it for dinner one night. What an amazing way to spend the summer. It's interesting to see how the other half lives!

Well, now I'm back to the real world, and need to catch up on work. Such is life.


Jen said...

It sounds like a great vacation! I'm glad you had such a good twenty week check up too.

Dreams Come True said...

It sounds like a truly great trip! Getting out and doing things with new people is always lots of fun!

Yay on having such a great 20 week appointment and having such an understanding and supportive doctor.

Michelle said...

I had lucky labor socks too. They were tie dyed.


Fertilized said...

fun trip! happy 20 weeks!

seriously? said...

Here from ICLW. Sounds like all went well on your vacation and with your u/s. Good Luck!

alicia said...

I am glad your appointment went well and that you had a great vac!

here from ICLW

BB and MTB said...

Wow - it sounds like you had a great vacation. And YAY for a great doula friend!!


bendingbackwards said...

Hi from icomleavwe!

Your trip sounded fantastic. And happy to read that your 20 week check up went well.

Samantha said...

What a lovely vacation!

I'm also so glad things are continuing to look good for the 20 weeker!

Sugar and Ice said...

Look at it this way, getting sunburned on the last day is better than getting burnt on the first day, right?

You'll have to share what you learn about hypnobirthing. I watched a show about it after LG was born, and I always thought if I was able to have another that I'd like to try it. Of course, now that it's twins, my odds of getting to do anything like that are lessened quite a bit.