Thursday, May 14, 2009


The last few days have been busy. I've been feeling less tired and hungry (but a little pukey, you can't win them all). It's easier to just make a list of all the crap we've been doing:
  • finishing up the 'book nook' that Aaron put together. This has been the vision since we finished the living room over a year ago. Aaron was going to make built-ins, but once we found out about the twins, we panicked a little and bought some Ikea bookshelves. They. Look. Awesome. I'll take pictures and show you all later.
  • Organizing stuff for a tag sale. I have an extra dining room table. Seriously. With all the chairs. And an extra desk, bookshelves.... it's crazy. Mostly, it's old furniture that was hand-me-downs when I graduated from college. Time to purge (and make room for two more babies).
  • Took the dogs for their yearly check up. Henry weighs 90 pounds! WTF!
  • I went in for my meeting with the nurse. I got some sample prenatals. Remember how with Hulk I was taking $50 a month prenatal? I asked her what the difference was between those and others, and she said it was the coating on the pills. Seriously!?!?! The coating!!?!? I can deal with a funny taste. Geez. She also told me some of the complications I may have with a twin pregnancy (thanks.) which it isn't like I didn't know -but I really didn't want to think about yet.
  • Hulk went to see a specialist yesterday too. He has a minor birth defect that will need surgery... and since they can't do the surgery until 6 months, I put off the consult as long as possible - because I'm grown up like that. We really like the doc, and the procedure seems like no biggie. The doc likes to wait until they are around 8 months, so I don't have to worry about anything until July or August.
  • This weekend, we are meeting with a woman who may be our nanny! The nanny route is the only way we can go. Daycare is insanely expensive and I'm not into the whole au pair thing. I may be convinced as the babies get older - but for now, I'm looking for experience. Dealing with 3 babies isn't for wimps.
  • Work is still crazy.

So - that's it. Not like it's insane stuff, but just busy. Life doesn't pause, does it?


Beautiful Mess said...

You ARE a busy gal! I didn't know anything bout Hulk needing surgery. I hope all is well. Feel better!

Jen said...

Oh yeah...I don't see how you could do it without a nanny. I hope you find a good one!

Megan said...

Seeing the baby count-down on your blog again...phew! You are super busy- hang in there! If you have a Meijer in your area- get the free prenatals there...

Deborah said...

Any woman willing to apply for that job is either desperate or superwoman! Hope you've got a superwoman!

Sparkle Mommy said...

I highly recommend Rainbow Light Prenatals. They have a once a day version that is great. They don't use any chemicals to make them all of the ingredients are naturally derived. They were the only prenatal that didn't make me feel sick, like I had a lead bomb in my stomach, or outrageously constipated. They sell them at about $25 for 150. Good luck with the nanny, start looking for Mary Poppins, she'd be perfect!

Lucia said...

We've had four babysitters (I call them babysitters rather than nannies because they didn't/don't live in). We had our second one for 7 years (!) and went to her wedding in Mexico. I never quite realized how great she was while we had her -- always on time, never sick, never out of patience, always loving, kind and firm with the kids. Our current sitter is great, but she's sick a lot, not as big a deal now that Miss B can help out in a pinch.

Anyhow, I devoutly hope you won't need yours for 7 years, and I hope you find someone good.

Carrie27 said...

I remember that same stress of finding a nanny. I was lucky, that a friend of mine's sister was looking to be a nanny and jumped right for it. Not having to transport 3 kiddos to daycare every day, has been great! You'll love it!