Thursday, May 28, 2009

What to talk about

It's hard. I come here to talk mostly about Hulk - because he is my reality. My little guy who seems to grow overnight! And learns new things and smiles and belly laughs and is such a joy. It's almost easy to forget that I'm pregnant. With twins.

But I still am. I'm at 11w3d, and things are going pretty much exactly like they went with Hulk. No real morning sickness, mostly tired and hungry. I'm starting to need to be careful when I roll over at night thanks to round ligament pain... but that is about it. Which means I'm entering that area where I start to worry that with such a small amount of symptoms... how can everything be OK? I saw the heartbeats back on May 1st - so I don't really have a reason to think their should be anything wrong... no spotting or anything since. I go to see my doc on Tuesday (6/2) so I just have to make it 5 more days and then maybe things will seem more real? Because right now it's kind of still unbelievable that I'm pregnant, let alone with twins.

We did decide this time that we will find out the genders of the babies. Waiting on Hulk was fun, but towards the end, I really really wanted to know... so this time we are going to find out. In my gut I think it's a girl and a boy. But time will tell!


emily said...

interesting... you know Natalie was a "normal" pregnancy, but i got spoiled at the doctor's office that time by U/S every time. and i was showing really early... this time i tend to forget i am pregnant. I'm not out drinking and eating sushi or anything, but i forget most of the time. I'm not showing yet at 18 weeks. Well, not to strangers anyway. They only check the heartbeat at my doc this time, and i have to go someplace else for an ultrasound.
Maybe it's bc it's the second time around? I feel a little bad for our baby #2! I'm sure things will get better once my belly sticks out some and we can kind of get more settled into the house. I guess it gets more real as we progress.

SS said...

Hi- I am 10w6d also feeling this is not quite real- and I just had an u/s last week. I think being distracted by baby #1 is a big part, but I can't help wonder if the pregnancy happening without ART also makes a difference? I guess there's no way to know. Once you start showing (maybe you already are with twins), really showing, then it will be different I bet. Good luck waiting out the next 5 days. I have the nuchal u/s a week from tomorrow.

Becky said...

I had to know what i was having, i could not possibly wait. i was convinced i was having a girl, but nope i saw a penis!

Jen said...

I'm excited to get to find out what type of babies you have in there! Just think of the different combinations... :)

Carrie27 said...

My pregnancy with the twins started out the same way. First, I had one baby at 6 weeks, then three weeks later I have 2. I didn't feel any different. I could count on two hands how many times I got sick. I worried all the time that something was wrong, because 1, it didn't feel real, and 2, how come my symptoms weren't any stronger.

5 more days and you can breathe a little.