Monday, June 1, 2009

12 weeks and I think we finally conquered the ear infection

Thursday night, I got home from running a bunch of errands and Aaron had just gotten Hulk to bed. He was fitfully sleeping, so I went up to re-pacify (you know, putting the binkie back in. The day can't come soon enough that he figures that life skill out). He was HOT. Took his temp - it was 101. Now, he is still on antibiotics - so I figure there is no way he should have a fever. I called the doc - and they agreed. So, Friday we confirmed that the ear infection was still there and got stronger antibiotics. Of course the fever got him a 'no go to school' card - so I worked from home while trying to make a sick baby happy.

Saturday he was still fussy... but on Sunday we finally turned the corner. It's been over a week that he drank a bottle without fussing (I'm sure it was his ears hurting), and on Sunday he was drinking them down every 3 hours in about 5 minutes - and that was the whole bottle! And he finally slept pretty much the whole night - he got up a few times coughing because we are lucky enough to have this ear infection paired with a nasty cold....which he has thoughtfully passed on to me. Such a good son. But at least I can take (limited) drugs for it.

Anyway - I'm glad it's Monday! I know it sounds weird, but I'm thinking a day at daycare will do the both of us some good. I think it was on Julie's blog, a Little Pregnant, that she posted about TGIM - Thank God it's Monday! Not that I don't love spending time with Hulk, but after two weekends in a row of a sick baby, being pregnant and now sick myself... a bit of a break is welcome.

More exciting news!? Aaron and I ordered a new frig and dish washing machine this weekend! We have been in need for a long while (veggies get frozen in our frig and the dishwasher is small and really doesn't actually Dish Wash 100% of the time) but I finally just told Aaron that we were doing it, and we did. They are being delivered on Sunday - and I can't wait. The dishwasher does 1/2 loads (perfect for the days that we are lazy and have takeout all day but still need to wash bottles) and the frig? It's one of those french door ones that has 2 cooling units? So no more wonderful CSA produce will get frozen in the frig! Happy dance.

If you told me 5 years ago that I would have a baby and twins on the way and I would be doing happy dances over new kitchen appliances... I would never have believed you.

Oh yeah. Today marks 12 weeks. Tomorrow I see the doc. I promise to report back how everyone is doing in there. No reason to think otherwise, and I'm hoping to get to stop the progesterone pills.


Beautiful Mess said...

Happy 12 weeks! I'm glad Hulk is feeling better today. Ear infections are terrible! Poor little guy. I drooled all over my keyboard picturing your pretty new dishwasher that does HALF a load and a new fridge *sigh* I need both. Enjoy your day, hon! Can't wait to hear about the babies.

sukeyknits said...

Hopefully the appliances aren't from Sears and you have a repeat of the saga from awhile back.

Carrie27 said...

My exciting purchase was a matching front loader washing machine and dryer. Doing the massive amounts of laundry just seems so much better now.

Can't wait to hear an update tomorrow.

Jen said...

Hey, I'm dorky enough that I almost did a happy dance about YOUR new appliances.