Friday, June 12, 2009

So glad.

I'm so glad it's Friday. I'm so glad Hulk seems to be feeling better. I'm so glad I have a husband who did an awesome job staying home with a little sick guy yesterday.

Yep - Aaron survived! When I got home, he did seem a bit dazed and confused... I asked when Hulk's last bottle and Tylenol was, and he had no clue ("2:30? I think?"). Hulk woke up a few times last night, mostly when he needed more meds - but slept pretty well until 7 Am this morning. He was very happy and acting much more like himself... so I took him to daycare. Only thing concerning me is his isn't drinking his bottles again. But he doesn't have a fever. So I told daycare to do their best with the bottles, and I'll call around noon to see how the day is going. If he still is refusing bottles, I'll call the doc AGAIN and see what they think.

Please just let him feel better soon.


Beautiful Mess said...

Glad ya'll are feeling better AND Hulk and Aaron survived! Way to go, Aaron!!!! Could it be that Hulk isn't taking his bottles, because he's going through some funky phase? His ear could still be bugging him, maybe a little fluid in there, and it doesn't feel so good to swallow. Just suggestions, of course. Hope you don't mind. I hope he starts taking his bottles again. He can't grow up THAT fast and start with a sippy cup already, silly boy!
Have a GREAT friday!

Carrie27 said...

Why is it that we can remember things right to the minute, and the hubbys have to estimate? LOL!

Since he doesn't have a fever and is in a better mood, it could be a tooth. I'm hoping, because then that means he isn't sick again.

Jennifer said...

My husband spent 2 days home with Julian, because the nanny couldn't be there...he was exhausted and said he didn't realize how demanding he was...that his "job" was so much easier! Put things into perspective for him.

Anyway, I'm glad it went with this week...hopefully things will be back to normal by next week!