Monday, June 15, 2009

Good and Bad

The good is that Hulk seems totally better. I think the teeth are through enough that they aren't bothering him as much anymore. Another good? I'm working from home and I have banana bread baking in the oven. The final good thing is that Aaron and I spent a large amount of time this weekend organizing baby stuff in an attempt to begin gutting the twin's room (well, the gutting is a ways away still - they will be in my yarn room, so I have about 15 years worth of yarn, books and fabric to move into the guest room in a more condensed fashion than it it in currently). We also had a good time hanging out with friends and family all weekend during which Hulk was super happy and cute and his normal wonderful self.

The bad? Hulk has started rolling over at night. Onto his belly. And then forgetting that he totally knows how to roll over all by himself. So he cries and cries until one of us comes to rescue him. And when Aaron went in this morning, for what I thought would be a simple 'roll me onto my back NOW, Dad' - it turns out that he has a stuffy nose AGAIN. Damn it. I need a full night of sleep. I kind of feel like some sort of crap all the time. If I'm not tired, I'm nauseous or have a massive headache. I can't really complain, because I know my body does pregnancy a hell of a lot better then most, but on Sunday I has a horrid headache all day, and I went to the grocery store and starting sweating and feeling faint. It was awful. Although I did rally enough to pick up Chinese food - which helped. And it's raining. AGAIN.

I think warm banana bread will fix all.


Just me said...

Maybe his nose was stuffy because he was laying on his belly? I know when I have a cold, even when most symptoms are gone I still have that nighttime drippiness. I'm a "side sleeper" and I often wake up with one side of my nose (the "down side") completely blocked. If he was on his belly, maybe all that extra draining followed gravity and left his little nose all boogery and stuffy!

Hope you both feel better soon!

La La said...

Take care of your self as much as you can hun, having twins is REALLY hard on your body (you don't need me to tell you that, I'm sure). Hope you both feel lots better really soon!

Beautiful Mess said...

Poor Hulk and poor mom and dad! Could it possibly be allergies? What Just Me said makes a lot of sense too. Those darn teeth, they mess up EVERYTHING! So unfair!
Have a GREAT day and enjoy your banana bread.

Jen said...

mmmm...Banana Bread! 15 years of yarn, ack! That could be quite a stash.

Zephra said...

Just so you know, you have total right to complain. You are making 2 at one time!

Lucia said...

That's funny about the Chinese food! Throughout both pregnancies I would turn green if I so much as drove by a Chinese restaurant.

The rolling over makes me smile too, but only because I'm not the one losing sleep.

Jennifer said...

I'm very familiar with the nighttime rollover phase...we went thru that with J for a was sooooo frustrating and exhausting. I hope he figures it out soon!