Monday, June 8, 2009

Celebrating the start of the second trimester with an u/s!

This morning we got to see the babies! Twin A has a heartbeat of 142, and Twin B was a little faster at 150. They actually look like babies now! Of course, Aaron snagged the pictures - so I'll have to upload later. I guess they are stacked on top of each other, instead of side by side, so it's harder for the u/s tech too see everything.

No guesses on the gender - so that needs to wait for July 20th... but Hulk's heartbeat was always in the 140 - 150 range!

As for me, I'm feeling worse. Grrr. I've been either nauseous or feeling faint the past week or so. Which makes me kind of mad, because I'm entering the second trimester - shouldn't this crap be going away? Not starting!?!!? But I'm less tired, at least.

And big news for Hulk! We can see a tooth! The first one is starting to make it's appearance on the bottom. He doesn't seem super upset by it.. but maybe I'm just used to upset baby with the past few weeks filled with ear infections and colds. He woke up on Saturday night freaking out - it took us about an hour to calm him down. Thankfully, last night he slept from 7 - 5:45 perfectly.

We also got some 'new to us' toys this weekend from a girlfriend on my street. Yeah. I kind of feel like a bad mom. He loves them all so much! Guess he needed more 'grown up toys' - he was happily playing with them all weekend.

Tomorrow is Hulk's 6 month checkup - I assume more shots? I'm interested to see his height/weight percentile because he is just so big compared to everyone in daycare. Also going to ask some feeding questions. He is still getting between 30 - 38 oz of formula a day, in addition to 2 meals (cereal, fruit and veggies). He's tried every kind of fruit and veggie available for stage one, and we've even tried pineapple, cherries and apricots. He loves them all. I'm wondering if we can move onto starchy stuff? Or those melt in your mouth finger foods?


Carrie27 said...

I was hoping to see a picture! Now I have to wait, boo!

You may feel so crappy because you need to up your calorie intake. I know if I didn't eat enough I would get sick to my stomach, weird I know.

Jen said...

Hooray for the ultrasound and second trimester!

A tooth is so exciting!

auraleighb said...

With our son, we were using rice cereal, mixing in the fruits and veggies. There are some nice cereal treats that melt in the mouth. you can also use your blender to make chicken etc into pudding. Broil some chicken breasts, cut them up really small, put in blender with a couple of spoons of plain yogurt. Our little guy loved it.

Jen said...

Can't wait for the pics!

Woohoo a tooth. I'll definitely put odds on the Saturday night wake up being teething related. Jillian did that for a couple nights last week although we have yet to see a tooth. She's a late bloomer in that department. With Jillian we started giving her some of those Gerber yogurt melts and finger foods around 6.5 months when she could mash with her gums. Hulk sounds like such a good eater that he might be ready!

And yup, you can expect some more shots :(

Katie said...

Congrats X2!!! Baby heartbeats and teeth oh my! I can't wait to see the pics of the u/s and maybe some belly pics!!