Thursday, June 18, 2009

Little bit whiny.

So, Hulk still is stuffy. Poor guy! Will it ever end? I think (fingers crossed) that we are at the tail end, because he's been coughing a lot. Last night he woke himself up coughing, and it took some drugs and some soothing to get him to sleep again.

I was wondering when I was going to start feeling round ligament pain in this pregnancy - I don't remember when it started with Hulk, but I know it was pretty early. Well, last couple of days it's been bad! Mostly I get it at night when I roll over or sit up to get out of bed. A few times I've just had to lay there and rub my side/belly and wait for it to go away. I'm getting a little nervous - as you can see in the belly picture from yesterday - I feel like I'm going to be HUGE. And there is a lot of stretching going on... I may end up being housebound by my 6th month because no clothes fit me!

I end up in these really awkward position at night in bed, trying anything to feel comfortable... so I have scheduled a massage for tonight. Hope it helps.

And finally, a WWID (what would the Internets do) question:

My MIL, who is somewhat evil, runs a craft 'center' where she lines up people to teach classes. I've taught there several times in the past, and she signed me up to teach on Sept 17 (the day before my birthday). It's a Thursday. So we'd probably end up staying for the weekend. I do get paid like $100 and I get a free ferry ticket. BUT. Aaron pointed out that I'll be 29 weeks pregnant at that point, and the doc said I couldn't travel after 24 weeks. But - going to my MIL's - is it technically travel? It's 2 hours in the car, and then a 45 minute ferry ride. I'm not super excited to teach the class, but by going there we get credit for a visit.... and I'm assuming a chance at a nice birthday dinner, since she will totally watch Hulk while we go out. I will ask my doc what he means by 'no travel', but I know I could lie and make it up too if I really didn't want to go.

What would you do?


sarah said...

i wouldn't commit to anything just yet and would wait until you're closer to your 29th week. You never know what might happen or how you'll be feeling at that point.

If you really want to go, I don't think a 2.45 hour trip is that strenuous as long as you (of course!) stop often and stretch and all that good stuff.

amysue said...

Honestly? I wouldn't go, even if this wasn't your somewhat manipulative MIL. Just sayin... If for no other reason than it's just too close and my niece and nephew were born around 19-30 weeks (they are 8 years old and fine now) and a ferry trip would have been a disaster!

Jennifer said...

I would take the "no travel" comment as flying, not necessarily driving (and a relatively short drive at that). I think it's do-able...have fun!

Becky said...

The stretching ligament pains are the worst, they are so scary and painful. I remember 2 bad episodes where i didnt' know what was going on, luckily they were short in length.

Wow what a question. Since my husband and i both recently lost our fathers, we realized we didn't spend as much time with them as we should of and now it's too late. so i would say if your doing ok by then to go, but maybe hold off on telling MIL anying until your maybe 25/26 weeks. The ferry trip does kind of scare me. She lives on Cape Cod, right? i loved the cape growing up!!!! Hulk would probably love the beach and the ferry ride though.

Sweet Georgia said...

I think you should leave it at tentative and if she needs an answer now then say no. Who knows how you'll be feeling when you get to 29 weeks. With twins, you may not feel like sitting in the car for 10 minutes let alone 2 hours + a ferry ride.

Beautiful Mess said...

That's a tough one! If it was me, I would probably error on the side of caution. I wouldn't make any commitment and definitely talk to my doc. Don't make any type of commitment just yet. See what the doc says and see how you're feeling at the time.
Tell Hulk to get better! Poor little guy!
I hope you can get some better sleep.

Cassandra said...

I was given separate dates for no flying and no travel. They told me that "no travel" meant more than an hour drive. Personally I might do the 2-hour drive anyway, but the ferry makes it complicated because you're trapped for the duration of the ferry ride, and if something happened it would be quite a while until you could get to a hospital.

If it were something I really wanted to do I might go ahead, but if it involved my own MIL I would say no.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't commit. My friend just had twins and by that time, she was on "swelling" patrol at all times, and sitting in a car for that long would have put her over the edge. I think with twins you may need to be more spontaneous, meaning, if you feel up to it right then do it, but otherwise keep in mind that you are making a tentative plan.

Ruth said...

I wouldn't commit, and if she insists, say "no". You have no way of predicting how you'll feel by then.

Cathy-Cate said...

It's so hard to predict. But the ferry ride would make me nervous. And you just have no way of knowing right now if there is going to be any reason that you're going to need to be on limited activity; it would certainly be easier to say 'no' now than cancel at short notice.

Also, I can be pretty sure that you will be tired and uncomfortable already.

Sounds like SHE 'signed you up' and also you would be spending your birthday there, which would not have otherwise been your choice. Eh? With that added in to the equation, even through it might end up being medically OK (but no way to know at this point), I'd say "Thanks, but no thanks" to your MIL.

Sparkle Mommy said...

Cece, You sound really optimistic about what you'll be able to do at 29 weeks. What about medical care if you need it while you're at your MIL's? Isn't it a Ferry Ride back to good hospitals? Who cares what she thinks, they're your babies, and you'll be exhausted, just to keep that in mind. Sorry this is so pessimistic, but I was so tired by the end of my pregnancy with Willow and keeping up with Lyra. It's a lot and it doesn't get any easier!

ladybug5157 said...

Stay home and keep those babies safe. My doctor made me stay home my entire last trimester of my twin pregnancy and thank God he did because I delivered two healthy babies full term and they came directly home with me from the hospital. Better safe than sorry and you will feel more than full term by 29 weeks.