Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Screw Wordless Wednesday

So, I'm working from home, because that is what I do on Wednesday's (it's cleaning lady day and we have two huge dogs that are a bit scary). I also worked from home on Monday (11 AM u/s that had me offline from 10:30 - 12) and Tuesday (9:40 doctors appointment, again offline from 9:15 - 11).

The phone rings. It's daycare. Hulk has a fever.

WTF! The week before Memorial day, they called - we found out he had an ear infection. I worked from home with him that day, and then took the next day as a sick day (he can't go to day care until he is 24 hours fever free without medications). The week of Memorial day, I got a call from daycare on Friday that he had a fever again. Confirmed that the ear infection was still there. Last week we made it through with no issues. Then two days after he is done with the antibiotics, he has a fever AGAIN.

I'm wiped out. I called Aaron in tears, and he tells me that I can't react like this. LIKE WHAT? I'm pregnant, stressed out at work, and I'm facing another work day at home with a sick baby. I do manage to get work done with him here, but I'm managing two projects right now that are major PITA's and the people I'm working on them with are assholes. Aaron said he'll come home - but I know his work doesn't like him to work from home (but I did ask him to see if he could work from home tomorrow, since of course, Hulk can't go to daycare tomorrow).

Anyway - I called the doc. Aaron made the point that maybe it's a reaction to the shots yesterday - we'll see if she calls back. The nurse said that it may be viral, and in that case, we need to give it 48 hours to resolve. Oh goodie. Sick baby again.


SS said...

First of all, I am so sorry your son is sick! I have been put through the ringer with my son being sick- he's had 9 fevers over a 5-month period. first of all it has been emotionally devastating (especially with pg hormones thrown in), and then caring for them is physically exhausting. Do you know of a babysitter that you can call to ease the childcare req's for you? I really feel for you all. I hope that it is just a reaction to his shots.

Christy said...

Oh I feel for you! It's bad enough having a sick baby without having to juggle who has to stay home from work with the sick baby. We've had the same issues about who has to miss work. Ugh. I feel for you! I hope Hulk is feeling better soon.

Jennifer said...

It all sounds so frustrating. So sorry it's such a gosh-darn bad week. Working from home is not easy, I try every week. Good luck this week...maybe have a sitter come in to help with little Hulk while you're there?

Jennifer said...
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Carrie27 said...

I'm going with the shots. All three of my kiddos get fevers with their shots, and we just continue Tylenol and Motrin.

Jen said...

That really blows. And Aaron is probably right about the fever being due to the shots. I know that happened to Jillian. It makes me feel lucky that my MIL is our care provider and handles sick days. Otherwise that 3 weeks if diarrhea would have been a nightmare.

So you know, it might get a little easier when you have a nanny after the twins are born. Hang in there!

serenity said...

I bet you anything it's from the shots.

I will tell you - we went through the ringer with O being sick this winter. Fortunately both our managers were okay with us splitting the days; that's what we'd do. And we'd alternate when he was out for more than one day so if we needed to, one of us could work "late" the following day to catch up.

My point is that it can't all be on you. I hope that Aaron can work from home tomorrow. And if he needs to take sick time? So be it. If it's busy at work, you need to be at work, you know? That's part of being equal parents.

Okay, I'm done with the assvice. Hugs and the hopes that it's just the shots that gave him a fever.