Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother stuff

This weekend was pretty great. Good weather, and fun times getting to hang out with my guys. I even started the weekend by going to see Star Trek on Friday at the IMAX theater! It was awesome. It was so nice to spend some time just relaxing and not worrying about work - made me realize that I've been running on empty for a while now. I'm glad Aaron and I decided to make the Memorial Day weekend a 4 day weekend by taking Friday, the 22nd (our 5th anniversary!) off.

For Mother's Day - Aaron gave me the most fun pajamas - they say SUPER MOM! I wore then the rest of the weekend. He also cooked me and my mother a lobster dinner on Saturday night, and breakfast, lunch and dinner on Sunday. I was well spoiled.

My mom visited for Saturday and Sunday, and she is just hard. I guess that is the best way to describe her. Want to know why she didn't come on Friday? Because she and her cousin were going to see their gravestones. Yep. They have purchased in advance the plots (which in itself isn't strange, I guess) but she also has already purchased her stone. It's sitting there waiting for her. And she LOVES the trips to go look at the site.... the two of them plan lunches around it. It's just weird and disturbing to me.

Besides all that - my mom has been single for a long time. She got divorced from my father about 30 years ago, had a few relationships - but nothing stuck. It's my theory that living alone for that long makes a person lose all social skills. She has a boxer puppy - and that dog is the reason she hasn't visited in 6 weeks, because her dog had stomach issues. She gets up and takes her for a walk every 20 minutes. Surprisingly, the dog is a bit high strung. She is 68 years old, and I swear, this dog is tiring her out more than she will admit. She KNOWS not to complain to me about the dog, because I was adamantly opposed to her getting a puppy. Let alone a BOXER puppy which is hard for someone who is 30 years old to deal with! When we were in church on Sunday, she pretty much slept through the whole service. The second she sits down, she falls asleep.

She was also being kind of weird about Hulk too. She hasn't been to visit in 6 weeks (as I said before, because of her dog's issues) and on Sunday morning, Hulk woke up his normal time (around 6 AM) she went in and got him and brought him to her room. I slowly got up, and wandered in, and he was laying in the middle of her bed while she was going around the room tidying up. She wasn't holding him or playing with him or anything. So I climbed in bed, and started playing and cuddling with him. She said, "How dare you come in here. I never get to see him". Whatever.

Also on Sunday morning, the phone was ringing as we were walking to the kitchen to eat breakfast. I picked up the phone to look at caller id - and it was my brother. I didn't pick up (we were about to sit down for breakfast - cold eggs are nasty) and she was visibly angry with me. Visibly. After breakfast, I suggested we call him back even dialed the phone and handed it to her, and she kept shaking her head. She basically pouted - saying she would call him back later.

She was planning on leaving Sunday afternoon. At about 2, Hulk finally fell asleep after fighting the whole nap thing for about an hour. I asked her when she was planning on leaving (because at this point, I needed a nap!), and she said she wasn't sure - I said, well, your reason for visiting is sleeping. She didn't hear me, and said - I didn't hear you, but maybe that is better (like I say nasty things to her all the time).

The whole weekend wasn't like this - we had a few good conversations, and she really loves to see Hulk's big smiles. We took a few nice walks together, and I even made some English muffins from scratch that she loved. It's just hard to understand where the switch is - one moment she is pleasant, the next moment she acting nasty or rolling her eyes. So, she is hard to hang out with - stressful to say the least.


Carrie27 said...

Sounds like my mom in some ways. You never know who you'll get when you talk to her.

What is it with grandma's not holding babies? My mom was much more interested in hanging out Addyson, the toddler, then the twins.

I'm glad you were spoiled this weekend, because you deserve it!

Tara said...

I totally agree with you that people who are alone for a long time lose some of their social skills. I figure that they just get too used to only looking after themselves that they stop seing past themselves and can become very self centred, rude, and sometimes odd.

Anyways, glad to hear that you had a good Mother's Day, despite your own mommy challenges!

Jen said...

It does not sound like your mom is the easiest house guest. And a boxer for a senior citizen? Horrible choice. My FIL's boxer is crazy active.

And yeah, planning lunch dates around visiting your future resting place is extremely morbid.

La La said...

Ugh, I feel ya with the "Mamma Drama". Why can't they ever just be easy to get along with? ((hugs))

Jennifer said...

Wow, what a weekend. Your mom visits HER gravestone/site...very strange indeed. Sheesh. Happy Mother's Day to you honey!

Wishing 4 One said...

How funny. I have a few similarities....My mom and her husband visit their place in the cemetary all the time. Weird to me too. My dad is single for 25 years, never remarried. But good you were spolied how very nice.