Monday, January 25, 2010


At almost this exact same time last year, I was dealing with baby and Cece illness. Same story, different year. Saturday I felt SO nauseous. Gross. I never threw up or anything, but my stomach kept tightening up and cramping all night... and throughout the day on Sunday. Fun fun. Poor Aaron was up with the kids all night on Saturday too, I was nervous that if I took her, I'd have to run to throw up.... Maggie woke up every 3 hours, and if she was sleeping, Hulk was up talking. Add in my MIL was visiting, so she kept on getting up and trying to 'help'... fun night had by all.

But we are all back to normal now. I'm feeling better, Hulk is back at school, and Miss Mags slept 5 hours last night. Thank god.

I think I've set on the date I'm going to go back to work - April 19th. A group of my friends gets together each year, and this year it's from April 8 - 13th on Bainbridge Island! Aaron pushed me to go... so I'm going and taking Maggie. I have everything set up except for the plane tickets. I can't believe it! It'll be great to relax and be in a totally different setting... I just need to figure out my leave. I've got everything covered until April 6th, so now I just need to see how I cover the rest of the time off (vacation/sick/personal days?).


Jen said...

I'm glad to hear that you are planning to take your break with friends. Even with Maggie in tow, I'm sure it will be relaxing.

Can you believe that I've lived in Seattle my entire life, and never actually been to Bainbridge (at least that I remember). There is a very nice yarn shop over there too, I am told.

Frieda said...

I would love to go but I am going to England(postponed trip) at the end of April and can not figure out how to swing 2 trips in one month. I know you will have fun. Maybe next year.

Katie said...

Bainbridge Island is very pretty. . . I live in the Seattle area, so if you need any advice on places to stay or eat, just let me know!