Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hulk Day

Today, Hulk and I had a planned trip to the aquarium. I even planned to have Maggie in daycare so I wouldn't have to worry about 2 at the same time (and I could test how I managed the whole 'baby in daycare' thing. It was fine, btw).

Last night, when Aaron picked him up from daycare, they mentioned he pooped out an outfit. And then he wouldn't eat dinner. And he pooped out two more times before bed - but all the time acting fine otherwise. I figured we would still go - especially with all the planning I'd done beforehand! He wasn't acting sick - just having the poop issues. This morning, he woke up super happy and poop-free. As we were getting ready to leave the house? Poop everywhere. But still happy as a clam, minus the poop issue. I packed up 2 changes of clothes and we went. And had a great time - but I'm glad I brought the change in clothes. Maybe not the best circumstances for a first trip to the aquarium, but he would have gotten kicked out of daycare anyway - and he was fully entertained! Here are a few pictures:

The New England Aquarium has a huge tank right in the middle - he LOVED it.

We missed getting the huge smile on his face, but loved the tank where you could touch things:

And right before we left - we saw the seal show. We sat on the edge, and this huge seal was sitting right below us! Hulk was fascinated.

Now I'm sitting here hoping he goes down for a little nap. He did sleep in the car, but I'm watching him on the video monitor, and he is really fighting a nap. And MAN does he need it.

Keep you fingers crossed that he is better tomorrow... or it's going to be a rough day!

In Maggie news - last two days she is a changed baby. It's like the Prilosec kicked in. She wakes up, eats her bottle, and at night, we can get her right back to bed. During the day - she is just a lot calmer. It's awesome. Praying that I'm not jinxing myself by saying anything. I'm interested to see how she does after a day in daycare with all the stimulation she's not used to!


Michele said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Hoping for less poopy pants tomorrow! :)

Stace said...

The New England Aquarium is the best! (Once you get over the obligatory fish-smell of aquariums!) Glad he had a great day!! :)

Carrie27 said...

Glad you were able to get out of the house with just Hulk. It's always a great feeling when you can have one on one time with your kids.

Even better is that you seem to have found the right combination for Maggie.

Katie said...

SO glad to hear of Hulk's good day (we are also dealing with the poops here, it's craptastic - pun intended) and SO glad to hear that Maggie is doing better.

Becky said...

i've been to BEA so many times as a kid, i have to go back one day as an adult!! Loooks like a ton of fun, yeah hulk!!!

Jill said...

he is gorgeous! love that red hair...glad you two had a fun day :)

Anonymous said...

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Delenn said...

I love the NE Aquarium, recently went there and my daughter loved it--I think the smaller ones love it more than the bigger kids...Hope Hulk is feeling better...

Although that did remind me of a time that we drove to the Aquarium with my son, and he threw up just as we got there--he was 4 years old at the time, so we quickly had to go to the shop to get him a shirt!

La La said...

Aw, I hope Hulk's poop issue clears up soon. I'm also glad to see that he enjoyed the aquarium...I've been wanting to take the girls. BTW, they have the same little blankie with the ribbions on it that Hulk has in the seal pic. ;) They love those things.

Oh, and about the expensive formula: I didn't get to read the comments so someone might have already suggested this BUT, the girls had to be on really expensive preemie forumula and it was killing us. We ended up being able to get it at first through WIC - all we needed was a doctor's note saying that they needed it, and that would work for any speical formula. Eventually the gir's insurance did end up covering it and we could order it through the pharmacy.