Friday, January 29, 2010

He's a toddler

I know that he's pretty much been a toddler for a while now, but at daycare, Hulk is spending more and more time in the toddler room, and he LOVES it. In our state, the age for toddler is officially 15 months - and he won't be there until March 5th. But since he is walking and playing with all the toddler stuff, my daycare lets him go into the toddler room as much as they can. It's all based around child to teacher ratios - infants are 3:1 and toddlers are 5:1. When he first started going over it was like a super fun and different day - and he'd be SO tired by the end of the day. Now - we get to school and he is running towards the toddler room (they have a table filled with SAND!! High levels of excitement.). God forbid he gets stuck in the infant room all day... he looks so disappointed. The closest in age child in the infant room to him is 9 months old... so I picture him wandering around all day just looking for someone to play with, poor guy. But it's only another month... but I wish things were more based on ability rather than age.

Last night, Aaron got stuck at work, so I was on my own for picking up Hulk, feeding him dinner, bath time, and bedtime - all around Maggie's fussy time at night. And it's sad - but I felt like a super rock star by the time I got him to bed. I'm sure I would have a better routine figured out if this was an everyday occurrence - but this cemented my opinion that I'm just not stay at home mom material. I would be a wreck by the end of the day! Anyway, I had stopped at the store and bought him crayons and those crayola color wonder magic markers - and it was perfect. We sat the on the floor and played quietly(instead of our normal running around the whole downstairs playing with every loud toy and bouncing every ball and screeching at the dogs) until bath time. I had never played with him that way - he really likes to 'draw'!

It's so much fun seeing him grow and figure stuff out.

One of the things I think I'm going to regret having kids so close in age (like we planned it this way!) is that all these stages will come really close together. The past 5 months with Hulk have almost been magical - his delight at crawling, the excitement and frustration of walking, figuring out using straws and climbing stairs and using ride on toys and just all the fun he has every day.... I know they doesn't end for a while, but I think the sheer excitement that he gets out of it will calm down a bit. And Maggie hits 2 months old today - just a few short months and we'll be going thought this all again! Exhausting but fun all at the same time.


HereWeGoAJen said...

I can't believe he is already moving up towards the toddler room. This time just goes too fast!

Kate said...

toddlers rock-- i kwow they can be more trouble but they are SO much fun! it's a great age :)
& our kids are going to be about the same age difference as hulk & maggie, & i have the same little regret-- i love the baby stage, & am bummed it's all going to blur together. but there are upsides to having kids this close together too...i just can't remember any at the moment, lol!

Jill said...

toddlers are amazing...and the fun yet to come is magical too. It just keeps getting better and better. Oh, and you ARE a super mom if you can manage to do all the kids stuff without going insane. The night time routine is the hardest...and being a stay at home mom isn't always insane :)

La La said...

I hear ya hun, they grow up so very fast and it's hard to feel like you are enjoying every moment when you have two or more close in age. Just hang in there mamma, you're doing great. ;)

Carrie27 said...

I love those color wonder books. My oldest used them for a long time. I had to stop with them as her siblings liked to chew on them. Now they are at an age that I can get them back out.

Life may be crazy, but it makes it that much more enjoyable.

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