Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Definitely Reflux

So. Since Maggie had throw up the priolsec 3 nights in a row, and I was SO sure that she didn't have reflux.... I decided to stop the medicine. The doc had recommended we try that anyway, as you don't want her on meds for no reason. Well, after day four of no medicine, she was frantic. I was still kind of in denial, but my girlfriend from down the street came over one morning, and was helping me get Hulk ready for school. Her daughter had AWFUL reflux,so she had done a lot of research and lived through it. She volunteered to change Maggie while I was feeding Hulk breakfast, and I guess all the things that I had thought were just normal 'after feeding' behavior for Maggie (spit up, hiccups, this little convulsing thing) are signs of reflux.


So - got her back on the meds as of Sunday night, and she is back to doing well. My girlfriend also explained that the priolosec is a 24 hour medicine. Because I have to give it to her in a certain window (2 hours after feeding but at least 45 minutes before the next) if I give it to her at 5 PM one day, there is a chance that I would give it to her at 6 PM the next day. And since it is a slow acting medicine, she'll not have it for that next feeding, and that is why some nights she would be freaking out right before bedtime. Which is awful. Awful, awful, awful. We are trying to wind down from the day, and it's really the only feeding that Aaron has with her... and she is FREAKING out. So - not that I understand more how the medicine works, I changed to giving it to her in the morning, and it's much better. She still does a bit of crying at night, but I think that is more her fussy time than anything else.

She got her 2 month shots today - here hoping we don't have a big impact from them! OK - the princess is calling for her bottle....


HereWeGoAJen said...

Well, it is good to know that for sure. Now that you are sure, you can adjust and get it taken care of.

Carrie27 said...

My oldest tried many different reflux meds, before finding the right fit - prevacid. There are many different ones out there, so if you don't think it is working as well as it could see if the doctor thinks you should switch.

calliope said...

ugh. W had reflux like that- some days fine others totally hurting. and it took me ages to learn that it was my fault for not dosing him at the same times. You rule for figuring it out!!

Michele said...

Oh hun. I'm sorry, but as Jen said, now you know how to take care of it, and that is huge!

Tara said...

Trial and error, trial and error. It's great that you now know and can continue to take step to make it better for her (and you!).

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MyLifeMyWorld & Growing Families said...

My son had the worst reflux, projectile vomiting to go with it. He was put on 2 meds, Zantax and another one. They worked wonders and he was a totally different kids afterwards. The puking stopped too.

If one medication isnt' working try another, or a combination of others. I highly recommend Zantax, it takes away the pain, not just stops the reflux.

Anonymous said...

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Saffy said...

Hi there,
Wow - you do get spammed, don't you? :( I hate spam.

I just wanted to chip in that I'm so pleased for you that you've got the reflux under control. We spent months trying to work out what was wrong with our daughter - we were clueless new parents. With a couple of powerful meds under her belt each day life is oh so much better :) She's happier, we're happier - and our carpets are cleaner too!!

Here's hoping it just keeps on getting better.