Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fed up.

Something in me just snapped this morning. I just wrote this big long thing about what fired me up, and I erased it. I never get annoyed by the news - but this morning the TV news (which I watch to get the weather)was talking about the BP exec who made a comment about the 'small people' and then NPR had a piece on the new morning after pill and those that are against it. I could go in depth about my beliefs on all this but let's just say it set me off. After and evening of dealing with my mother's new drama (they are asking her to retire. She is 68. It makes sense to me) and a morning of dealing with toddler drama (OMG MY MOTHER GOT ME NEW, DIFFERENT SIPPY CUPS AND IS ASKING ME TO DRINK OUT OF IT) I just kind of lost it. Not in a big dramatic way, but I'm seriously fed up with bad news, crying babies, money issues, packing lunches for toddlers, cooking in general, working, dogs, back yards, parties, EVERYTHING.

I'm sure it will pass - but currently I'm fed up and want to run away and just be alone and unmolested for a long while.

Doubt that is going to to happen anytime in the near future.


HereWeGoAJen said...

It would be nice if there was an off switch, wouldn't it?

Becky said...

I lost it last night. I'm fed up with a crying teething 10mnth old, a husband who doesn't help out, a crappy job that does not appreciate me, bils, bills and more bills, the $95 i just spent fixing the AC and the $85 i spent fixing the water softner, and the 25lbs i'm dying to loose. So i feel you 100%. I actually just sat in my car crying last night, seriously at 31 i cried like a 10mnth old baby!!!!!! Just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

Frieda said...

Just let the things that aren't critical go. It is hard when you want everything to go as planned, but it never totally does, so try to let the little things go. Cam is at the age where he is going to try you to see what he can get away with. It gets a little better when you can reason with them(though not for long) Hope the rest of your day gets better.

Heather said...

Don't expect people to stop molesting you any time soon, I mean - have you SEEN your avatar on the blog? You're hot.

Sorry for all the stress. Hope you get a break soon.

SS said...

Not sure if this is even feasible, but any thought to getting a nanny versus day care? Where I am the cost for two in daycare is only slightly less than having a nanny- just a thought. (I can't do daycare any way because I can't be there every day by 6.) I have many bad days where I am not the best mother, worker, wife. Today was one of those days. My husband was running the corporate challenge, and I knew that the afterwork childcare was all mine. I snapped at him several times before he left. The prepared foods I bought at whole foods were kind of gross (eggplant balls, what was I thinking?). The baby wouldn't take his evening cat nap, the toddler didn't want to eat and wanted to hit me and the baby. I was a little snappy with him, and it is amazing how my attitude/negative energy is immediately picked up by him! But we all recovered (by me calming a bit) had a nice story time and everyone was in bed asleep by 8:20. cleaned up kitchen by 8:35. Top chef on DVR, here I come.

Hoping tomorrow is better!!