Monday, June 14, 2010

I deal with too many fluids

I'm working from home today. When I got home from dropping the kids at daycare, there was some white dog vomit looking stuff near the couch and two dogs that skittered away like they did something wrong. It looked weird, but whatever. I have two boxers - and boxers are well known for their stomach issues and eating gross stuff. Between the dogs and the kids, it doesn't even phase me anymore. I brought out the cleaning stuff, threw the guilty looking dogs outside, and got to work.

Around noon, I left the room and made myself lunch. When I came back, the dogs scattered and there was more throw up in the exact same area. With a heavy sigh, I threw the dogs outside and cleaned it up again. At this point, I'm considering calling the vet - because the throw up looks weird - like milk? And I was wondering if they got into something bad...

A couple hours later, I ran upstairs to switch laundry. I come back downstairs to MORE white 'throw up'. It was in the exact same place, again... and now I'm thinking that my dogs are pretty good about not making messes on the rugs - but throwing up in the same place three times is pretty unlikely. I picked up the couch and I see completely chewed and destroyed sippy cup. With milk in it.

The fact that I just resigned to clean up white dog vomit over and over again before it clicked it may NOT vomit is a sad commentary on my life, no? I bet you all want to be me.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Our dog vomit is usually green. But I feel your pain.