Monday, June 21, 2010

Indecision and cupcakes

I'm pretty decisive. Well, at least about important things - for whatever reason, I have major issues picking out which steak to buy at the grocery store, but that is a whole other story. But I digress. On Saturday, after a perfectly wonderful day, we were set to visit friends for a little playdate/BBQ. Maggie got up from her nap at around 3:30 - and I tried to feed her a bottle. She's in that weird stage where she is teething/eating solids/bottles and she isn't an every 3 hour bottle baby any more. Sometimes it's 5 hours, sometimes 3... and sometimes she'll throw back an 8 ounce bottle like it's going out of style... other times it's a struggle to get her to eat 2. At this point, she ate 2.

And Cam gets up from his nap and we need to leave. It's now 4 PM, and usually, if we were staying home, I would just stretch her until bedtime, and she would have a bottle and do her usual nice sleep. But she had only drank 2 ounces, and her bottle before that was at 12:30. As I was packing up my diaper bag, I seriously said to myself out loud - 'I have no idea what to do'. I was thinking if I brought a bottle, it would screw up bedtime, but if I didn't, we may have a melt down of epic proportions at my friends house.

I just stood there for 5 minutes. Seriously. I couldn't decide.

In the end, I brought a bottle. What was the big deal? Geez.

Other funny story? She was getting a little fussy, so I had her sitting in between my legs on the ground. Cam came by with a chocolate cupcake he didn't want, and perched it on my leg. I was talking away with the other mom's and one of them points at Maggie and starts laughing. Yep - Maggie grabbed the cupcake and almost ate the whole thing! It was thankfully a mini-soy-nut free cupcake - but it was hysterical! She had chocolate all down her face, outfit, and a huge shit eating grin on her face. That's my girl.

Who needs a bottle when you have chocolate cupcakes?


HereWeGoAJen said...

I'm with her. Although, a cupcake with milk would have been pretty good too.

sukeyknits said...

Sounds like she's clairvoyant and knew she would be getting something better in the day so not to fill up on sissy bottle milk.