Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good and Bad

Shall I start with the bad?

I have this very annoyed feeling deep inside. I got my review on Tuesday at work, and it wasn't great. But I did everything asked of me in 2010 - the issue was that my boss didn't ask much of me. So, compared to other VP's in the organization, I was kind of low in the ranking. Not awful, but I'm used to being close to the top. And I asked over and over again to do more stuff. I drove home, ready to vent about it with Aaron - and when I got home, the dogs had pooped all over the rugs, and he was berating me for leaving a mess that morning.

Now, granted, the rational Cece says that it's true! I didn't do much work in 2010, and that was a blessing. Helped me get things under control, and get things slowly back in order. I certainly didn't PUSH to get busier at work - I was enjoying having a more relaxed work life. And yes, Aaron and I had agreed to hold each other to task when the house was messy - but damn it. I was in a fragile state! And I wanted a hug, not bullshit. Having him take care of the kids on his own last week I think was a really good thing - gave him appreciation for everything it takes to keep things running... but now he thinks he knows the best way to do things. Maybe his way is better, but I admit that it's a bit hard to have someone telling you how to do things, when I was the boss of it all for over two years.

Deep breath.

The good? We are both trying hard and helping each other get things done. What worked for us for a long time was separation of duties - Aaron did the outside stuff (plus dog puke and poop if it occurred inside), I did the inside (but somehow I'm in charge of outside cleanup of dog poop. That is kind of funny, now that I think about it). Worked great, except as the number of people INSIDE the house has increased, so has the load of the inside work, and I was getting overwhelmed and frustrated. So we've set up a few things that have made huge differences, and Aaron is really making a big difference in my stress level... once I except his new ways.

And the other good? Cameron is loves to play games! I also love to play games of all types, so this is huge developmental excitement for me! We've been playing Don't Break the Ice for a few weeks (Cam loves taking turns. MY turn! Mama's turn!), and yesterday, when stuck home in the snow, I showed him how to play a memory game that he LOVES. And was disturbingly good at. This weekend, I'm meeting up with someone from the twins list to paw through her old toddler board games, and hopefully we'll find some good ones. Any recommendations on favorites? I'm already thinking we need Candyland, Snail's Pace Race, Cootie and Ants in the Pants.


Shari said...

Oh how about - Don't Spill The Beans?

Mickey Mouse Yahtzee is super easy for younger kids.

Just 2 suggestions from our house!

Carrie27 said...

I just wrote up a blog about some activities I do with my three tots.

EleFun, Mr. Mouth, and Uno Moo are the current faves over here.

It is very hard to have anyone step on your territory, and when you've been managing the house you don't want to hear how to do it better. I know the feeling!

Beth Kyle said...

I had the same feelings about work and not feeling like I do enough, but then not really wanting to get too sucked in as well. I don't think there is an easy answer. Kiddos need us. Hubbies need us. Work has had lots of our time in the past.

I just keep telling myself that the harder work I have done in the past has given me this opportunity to handle what I do without being a workaholic. I bet you probably do more in a few hours than some people do in a few days.

Anyway - I am right there with you. My house gets out of control and it feels like any time I spend on it is a waste. The two small kids are right behind me to throw things around all over again....I guess I will just let it ride. :)

HereWeGoAJen said...

I wonder if Elizabeth would like to play board games too? Perhaps I shall try some.

He's probably too young to play it properly yet, but what about Guess Who? I always liked flipping the little pictures up and down and you can play games like "knock down all the people with the beards."

Deborah said...

Ooh, games! I've been feeling like my son's toys aren't advanced enough for him, but I wasn't quite sure what to do next. He likes puzzles and coloring. But I could definitely try games. Thanks for the idea.

Sorry about the review. How comfortable do you feel talking to your boss about why it is that way?

Sukey said...

I love the memory game - I can't wait to play. We should get the "Guess Who" game. I know it's for older people but I think he'd catch on - he's so wick'd smat!