Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have such a great weekend, it was almost like a vacation! Aaron went to spend some time away with friends, and the gang is so easy that I had no issues handling them on my own. And then, when he got back on Sunday, the great weekend continued! I think this is going to be a bullet point post...
  • Friday night, picked up the kids at daycare, and got a call that we had some family in town (at our Aunt and Uncles') and they wanted to come over and see the kids. Fun time, and got an agreement for babysitting from my Uncle so us gals could go see Black Swan on Saturday at naptime.
  • Saturday morning, had a play date with a mom who had loads of board games for me to borrow. She also had bunnies which were a huge hit! We ended up staying there until lunch/nap time. (PS - Cam is totally NOT ready for board games. Oh well)
  • Saw Black Swan. Everyone should see it.
  • Got home, and Jay had a BLAST with Maggie (Cam never woke up from his nap!)
  • Took the kids to a potluck at church. Both kids were awesome, Cam got to play with the 'big kids', my dish was a hit*, and I finally attended a church function that I didn't ruin.
  • Sunday morning, Aaron got home before the kids woke up - we went out to breakfast and he joined me at church. It was nice to go as a family and hang out together.
  • On the way home from church, stopped by a neighbors house and our kids played while Aaron helped fix their toilet. Fun fun! It actually was fun. They have a two and a four year old - I forget that different toys are EXCITING!
  • Got home, and waited for our friends to arrive to watch the Pats. We Lost. Sigh.
  • Had all my girlfriends over for cards night - had a bit too much rum punch and a LOT of fun
  • Monday - MLK day - long weekend! I slept in (rum punch aftermath) and then we played, and Jay babysat again so we could go to the movies together. Saw the Green Hornet!
  • Then, dinner with the Aunts and Uncles - Cameron was in heaven with both Andy and Jay there to play with!

When I woke up and went to work on Tuesday, I felt like I had taken a whole vacation! It was so great. I love weekends like that.

* I brought beet salad. Couldn't have been easier. Shredded equal parts of raw carrot and raw beets. Mixed them together and tossed with equal parts of red wine vinegar and olive oil. Topped it with green onions. Awesome.


Deborah said...

Yay! It's amazing what one extra day can do, especially if you add in some things you don't normally do in a weekend.

Carrie27 said...

I know I probably won't get anyone to go see Black Swan with me, but I definitely want to go see it.

Anonymous said...

I saw it! I saw Black Swan in was the first movie I'd seen in a full year. It's pretty great, I think, tho I could've done without the CGI.

Just checking in, love (it's tob.acco bru.nette). I'm so out of touch, but think of you often.