Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

Ah. Back to normal. And I've got lots of leftovers!

  • After being away from home for 10 days, there is seriously no place like my home. I love my little family, our house, our friends, and even our climate.

  • Today, we took the kids out of daycare so a few of the teachers could have a nice, long weekend. And I'm hoping to get out of work early so I can play with everyone

  • Well, maybe not play. I'm thinking of taking the kids shoe shopping. How is it that their feet grow SO FAST!

  • We had Chinese food the night I got back, and as usual, last night I was up every hour going pee. I hate it that salty stuff make me retain water like that! Every time I have soy sauce and/or Chinese food, that happens to me. Such a freak.

  • We have no plans at all for the weekend. Nice, right?

  • But I am going to attempt to make some tomato sauce for canning. last time I did that it was a huge failure. This time, I'm learning from the experts. Our Aunt Mary makes the only red sauce that Cam has ever liked. I'm hoping to have her teach me.

OK - kids are back from the park with Aaron, I'm going to try and 'work' while I play with them. So happy to be home!


Megan said...

Glad you're home and doing well! Sounds like you had a blast of a trip. :-)

Carrie27 said...

Nothing beats home.