Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have a wicked cold. Wicked. I feel like crap. And the kids have it too, which is making them whiny. Which makes me EVEN MORE cranky.

Fun fun fun.

So I will bitch. And I'm going to bitch about something that many people tell me I should be happy about. Maggie is obsessed with potty training. Obsessed. She gets on the potty and does something pretty much every time. She is super proud of herself.

BUT. And here is the big BUT. She wants to be on the potty all the time. And maybe 80% of the time actually does something. A perfect example is this morning. I'm upstairs, trying to get something I need to bring to work, and Maggie followed me upstairs. She runs into the room I'm in and says POOP! POTTY! So I stop what I'm doing, put her on the potty and leave to finish what I was doing. And she starts crying. So Cam goes in, and then runs back to report to me that "Maggie no want me Mama. She want YOU." So I go in, ask if she is all done and take her off. I try to finish what I was doing. She is runs around yelling POOP POTTY again, so I try to whip off her diaper and throw her on the potty. But. The diaper is full of poop which is now all over my hand.


So I try to stay calm and get her cleaned up (and myself) but of course there aren't any wipes upstairs because we don't usually have to deal with diapers upstairs anymore and the ones we have are dried out because they were left open and DID I MENTION I HAVE POOP ON MY HANDS!!?!?

Sigh. I know most of this is because I am cranky and tired from my cold, and I should have gotten up BEFORE the kids and gotten myself ready for work. But seriously. Poop on my hands before 8 AM?

I'm considering getting Maggie pull-ups, just to make this stage easier, but I just think they are dumb (basically fancy diapers).

Deep. Breath.

Now is when you all tell me to relax and be happy that Maggie WANTS to use the potty. Or tell me funny diaper training stories so I can laugh a little whist MISERABLE and snotty. Begin.


Melanie said...

I agree that pull ups are expensive diapers, but if she has that much interest in the potty, it is either fancy diapers or training pants. :) We have moved to the Huggies Little Movers slip-ons. Again, stupid fancy diapers. It killed me to make the move, but getting on and off the potty is so much easier. Plus, we can work on pulling up our diaper and pants by ourselves this way.

Sara said...

Ok All I have is funny stories. Hannah's last stage of figuring out the potty thing was the poop part. For a while, she did everything but poop IN the potty - she knew she had to poop, she'd take off her clothes and pullup (we used cloth ones), and poop. Under the dining room table. Where I guess it felt sufficiently private amongst all the chair legs. And the dog could access the product. So so lovely. The good news? The first time she pooped on the potty rather than under the table? That was it - one-trial learning.

I'm not sure if cleaning up poop from under the dining table and the dogs' mouths is worse or better than poop on your hand, but all you can do is laugh ;)

Serenity said...

Yep, fancy diapers will help her learn how to take them off herself. Wicked expensive, but that's what we ended up having to use because O would struggle taking his diapers off himself and would get upset that he went in the diaper.

Target has a pretty good private label that worked well.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I will give you a funny story. So, Elizabeth is pretty much fully potty trained. Except, she refuses to poop when we are not home. So we were out today at a friend's house and she asked for a diaper. Which is allowed when we aren't home. So I gave her one. We got home a little later and she's standing on our stairs. I asked her "are you pooping right now?" She said "yes, in my diaper, but IT'S OKAY MAMA, IT'S ALLOWED." And I wish I could get her inflection through over the internet. Hilarious. I laughed so hard.

Kahla said...

Have you looked at Amazon Mom? The big count (I think 96) of pull-ups that are 19.99 in the store are 13.98 shipped to your door. They automatically send it each month and you do nothing. I likey! Emery is not all that interested in potty training, but I'm willing to spend a little extra on pull-ups if it helps when the time comes!