Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Firetruck Bed

This weekend, Aaron installed the firetruck bed. It is so much more amazing than I thought it would be (and I already thought it was going to be pretty amazing). A while back, I found a blog showing off the firetruck bed that someone made for his son. I emailed it to Aaron right away - and he totally was into making it. We measured Cam's room, and figured out that we couldn't do one with the stairs, and after much convincing on my part, decided that Cam could handle a ladder. So, we used the plans from Ana-White.com for her Easy Playhouse Loft - but Aaron made many changes from there.

I was really nervous that it would total overwhelm Cam's room, as it's not a super big room and our house only has 7.5 feet high ceilings- but it just fits perfectly.

The big additions that Aaron made the first firetruck bed was a driver's seat for the steering wheel:

And a toy box/back seat at the back of the truck:

This was pretty much all Aaron. I helped with a little bit of painting (as did Cam) and some of the precision cutting on the diamond plate vinyl but every night after dinner Aaron would head down into the shop and work on it. He came up with all the cute additions, figured out the best way to make the lights work (Christmas lights), and angled the ladder in the best way so toddlers can go up and down with ease.

The first night, Cam asked to read his books inside the firetruck. With Daddy. The man couldn't have been happier.

And because I know people are going to ask:

  • Yes, he does sleep in it. Amazing, but true. Aaron was nervous that he would be to excited, or play all night, or even maybe be too young to sleep up high - but it's been three nights now and he LOVES it.

  • It cost about $500 total. That includes wood, paint, bolts for the wheels, lighting, and even the mattress that I got at Ikea. I got a little firetruck rug (secondhand) to put inside the playhouse part and a little firehouse print to put on the wall. Only thing not finished is the window treatments.

  • No. Aaron will not make these for sale. Besides the fact that he has a backlog of personal projects for our family (next up is refurbishing an awesome dollhouse for Maggie), the man works full time in technology. He isn't quiting his day job! And imagine the liability for bedding beds for kids? I think not.

Anyway. Pretty awesome, huh? Cam is one lucky kid. And so many thanks to Jeff and Kristin McClure for posting their son's bed - we would have never come up with this on our own!


Janet said...

Very cool! He did a great job!

~Shari said...

Oh My Gosh! Aaron did a wonderful job! That is just adorable

just wow!~

Janet said...

In response to your comment, I purchased the sesame street pumpkin characters on clearance last year after halloween at Target. I have seen them there this year, but they are close to $10 a piece.

Sukey said...

Awesome - can't wait to play!

Carrie27 said...

Wow, just wow! Cam has to have the coolest bed ever!

peesticksandstones said...

What a childhood dream come true! That is, like, the most awesome thing I have ever seen. I would totally sleep in a grown-up version if you could scale it up queen-size and I could lug my Tempurpedic up there.

Ruth said...

Most. Awesome. Bed. EVER.

Jeff & Kristin McClure said...

Cece & Aaron, this is fantastic!! My wife found your bed while she was looking around online last night. The bed looks great and loved that you did a scaled down version. Not everyone can fit the big beast that I built. Aaron, you did a great job on all the details. Great idea on the lights, very simple! I still have not hooked up mine yet since we were doing a more technical version and just have not had time.

I will put a link to your blog so others can see a different version. Again, great job and thanks for posting our links!

Jeff McClure

Jeff & Kristin McClure said...

Cece & Aaron, great job on the fire truck bed!! My wife found your posting while she was looking around on the net last night. Love the scaled down version since not everyone has room for the bigger version. Aaron, you did a great job on all the little details. Thanks for the links and I will post it on our blog today so that others can see. Have a great weekend!

Jeff McClure

Jeff & Kristin McClure said...

Not sure my comment ever made it to you!!?? My wife found the post while she was online last week and I was very excited to see a scaled down version of the bed. You guys did a great job and I posted a link on our blog so others could see it as well. Thanks for sharing and for putting link. Have a great day!


Rama Krishna Raju said...

Very Quite baby & Very enjoyful family and yaa very nice bed also