Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Last night, after the kids went to bed, I ran to the store to get balloons, an ice cream cake and wrapping paper. Aaron brought the dollhouse up, and we got everything ready for the birthday girl. I was SO excited, I wanted to run up and wake her up right then. But I didn't. I made her a sweet birthday bow* instead.

I do want to get the tradition going that you wake up in the morning and have your presents waiting. That is what my mom did and I loved waking up and running to see my wrapped present at my place on the kitchen table. Although trying to get everyone out the door this morning after opening presents and playing with balloons was a bit of a challenge.

Anyway. It's become apparent over the past few months that Maggie needs 'girl' toys. She was very happy playing with trains and trucks, but if we went to a place that had dolls or a dollhouse, Maggie was totally into playing with that. So it was our mission to give Maggie some of toys I enjoyed playing with as a little girl. A dollhouse, a doll and tea set. I'm happy to report that she seems to love all three. This morning, the tea set was the biggest hit. I got this one - because it's wood and pretty much unbreakable.

She didn't pay much attention to the doll, but did give her some tea (and see the cute bow? I made that).

And when we called GB (that is what they call Aaron's mother) Maggie was super excited to show her the dollhouse on face time. And she loved the Elmo balloon!

I think it all was a little overwhelming this morning, but she was a very happy girl.

For me, today is a bittersweet. I don't know about other Mamas but on my kids' birthdays, I think about the day they were born. And for Maggie - that is hard for me. I remember the joy I had with the two girls. I think about holding both her and Nora. And our blissful days in the hospital together. I also have to admit that the further I get from it, the less painful it is. I'm not looking at Maggie and wondering what Nora would be doing now. I think of Nora as a baby, and Maggie is just NOT a baby anymore. Tonight, I think I will let a balloon go up to heaven and let Nora know we are thinking of her.

* I post the link for this bow because last night I couldn't find it. So poor Jen got an email and a twitter freak out to help me find the directions. She is a rock star and helped me find it.


Sara said...

The bitter sweet thing TOTALLY makes sense. I'm that way too re Toby - only for me, it happens on his due date not his birthday. It has "lessoned" over the years.

Happy birthday to Maggie - what a great and special load of toys!

Deborah said...

That is a great birthday tradition! And it's amazing to me not only how much boys and girls really do want stereotypical toys, but that girls still play with tea sets. When was the last time you had a tea party?

And of course it is bittersweet. But I'm glad it gets easier with time.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Love to you and your girls today.

Melanie said...

It is definitely a bittersweet day. I am glad Maggie had such a wonderful day. I hope you were able to release that balloon. I always think of you at this time since our kids are only a day apart.

I love the tea set. It is great!