Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why I love you guys

Heather hit it right on the head. Of COURSE paging through invitation after invitation for joint birthday parties for TWINS was an issue. I didn't even think of it.

Every day I'm reminded somehow of our loss. Maybe it's just walking into Maggie's room and seeing the holes in the wall where Nora's name hung over her crib. Or last night, when I was trying to soothe a sad baby girl who couldn't stop coughing - sitting in the chair in her room often reminds me of the one night they were home, and I was sitting in that chair giving them both a bottle at the same time. We got this nice big chair just so we could do that. But now it's to the point wher it's a little pain, a small thing, and I move on with my day. I rarely register when the reminders are more frequent that it may affect my mood. And now that Heather pointed it out - I see that she is totally right.

Sigh. Moving onward and upward! Want to see the final proof of the birthday card?

Perfect, right? I love it. Exactly what I was thinking. Hurrah!

One funny story, as I ordered this, I copied Aaron on the wording, to make sure it was correct. He noticed that I put "Maggie is turning 1". Guess I'm not ready for my little girl to grow up!


HereWeGoAJen said...

And it's getting towards that time of year too. Things are always harder around anniversaries.

Sara said...

Right. And I'd hazard that it's not just the twin part, but a big 'marker' time of year for you - when Maggie and Nora were born, and the around-the-corner anniversary of Nora's death. The anniversaries still get to me even though Toby is now 11 - sometimes it takes me a few days to realize what's going on too ;)

Heather said...

Holy smokes - Could that invite be any cuter!? And since my 'baby' is just a few weeks younger than Maggie, I completely share in your amazement of this whole 2 year old thing. How did that happen?

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alvaro said...

"cute" post, Completely cool..congrats, thanks anyway!

Carrie27 said...

Hugs hun.

I do think this invitation is absolutely adorable and fun.